Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alex and the Pumpkins

Alex loves carving the Halloween pumpkins each year. He and the little ones have been asking for a week now to carve this years batch. I told them all they had to wait until Dad got home. Since dad is now home, the questions started about making the jack-o-lanterns.

Let the fun begin!

In the midst of "gutting" the pumpkins, Alex got a phone call. So, yes, he chose to multi-task instead of not answer the phone.

The girls enjoyed sticking their arms down into the pumpkin to clean it out. Katie was grossed out and would not watch.

Alex told the girls to draw the faces they would want on their pumpkins. Oh, how hard this was for them to do!!

Alex, my non-cooperating photo-op child, said this photo could be posted tonight. Not what I would pick but he liked the scowl. :-)

And, the finished products. Thank you Alex!!

Oh, and making the kids wait until daddy got home was pointless. He slept through the whole production. Jet lag is a killer!!


NeuroMama said...

My girls have been wanting to carve our pumpkins too, but I've held them off because I thought it was too soon. How do you keep them from rotting before Halloween?

wingepr said...

Wow, he did a great job on both of them.

We need to do that, but we'll wait till next year to start.

Denise said...

Alex is a really great pumpkin carver. Something must be in the air (Halloween maybe?) but we carved our pumpkins tonight. I got some pics so I need to transfer them and make a blog post. Got to stop coppin' out with the easy posts, huh? LOL