Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sisters, soccer, and surprises....

Our day began early but I was able to keep the girls in my bed happily watching Disney so I could pretend to sleep a bit more. We woke up the big kids a little while later and headed for soccer. I left early to drop Alex off at the field with the intent to return with the girls (who were with Katie) in time for kick off. When I dropped him off, I realized there was plenty of close parking (which is very unusual) so called Katie to have her get the girls shoes on so I could run home the few miles, grab them, and get a good parking space. Yes, that is my thrilling moment of the day. Grabbing a good parking space at the soccer fields. Anyhow, I called Katie's phone and the house phone but got no answer. Rats. I drove home, pulled into the driveway, got out of the car, and heard music blasting. Hmm. Could this be the reason I got no answer when I called??

I walked in and found the girls dancing in the family room. So out comes the camera so I could get it on video. Katie didn't even know I was home until she turned around and saw me with the camera. :-)
(Editors note: The video turned out great but Katie does not want me to post it here. Oh well.)

I have taken very few pictures of Alex playing soccer so thought I'd try to get a few today. Easier said than done. But here are a few. He is number 5 and the goalie in the red shirt.

The boys won 5-0. Yeah! And, the best news was the team they were scheduled to play a few hours later decided to forfeit-----which meant my afternoon got a whole lot easier. Whew! Oh, and this is what little girls do during their brother's soccer game. Play limbo with a piece of yarn found in a jacket pocket, pick weeds to poke at each other, share chairs, and play train with their friend Julia (whose brother is on the team too.)

We headed home for lunch, errands, and cleaning in prep for company tonight. Things were going along as planned until I checked the flight status of Dave's plane. He was due to arrive over an hour earlier than planned. Great news--but hard with company coming and dinner planned. But we worked it out. John and the boys arrived and I left for the airport a few minutes later. I left them with plenty of snacks, coke, beer, and football. Dinner would be after I returned from the airport.

Katie and John's son headed out right after we got home for a seniors only Halloween party. She would not consent to a picture because she knew it would end up here. Suffice it to say she looked cute but daddy hated her costume. She and her friends went as Hooters girls. Enough said.

But before leaving for the party, Katie captured these pictues for me. We did not tell the little girls daddy was coming home. I just left to "go to the store" to get something. They were so excited to have Mr. John, Jack, and Patrick here that they didn't care about my leaving.

Welcome home daddy!


Denise said...

Looks like 2 little girls were excited to see their daddy!

Loved the pics of Alex playing soccer. I always have a hard time 1)remembering to take sports photos 2)getting GOOD sports photos. You did great!

wingepr said...

ah, what happy little girls, and daddys looks happy to see his little girls also.