Saturday, October 11, 2008

Surprise pictures!!

When we adopted Abby, she was 19 months old. We have only a few pictures of her which were taken at an earlier age. Today, I got an amazing gift in the mail. A small album and a CD of pictures of Abby at 8 months of age. Long story short and without going too in depth, they were sent to me by a wonderful mother who was able to be with Abby at that time.

She said she also has more pictures and perhaps video she can share. Wow! I am ever so thankful. Check out the pictures! Wasn't she cute?

PS. Thank you Vikki!


Teresa =) said...

What an awesome gift to receive! Every pre-Gotcha picture I have of Carson is such a treasured must be so excited to have those adorable pics!

Teresa =)

Karen said...

Wow!! What great pictures. You must be thrilled to have them. She looks just adorable!
Hugs, Karen

wingepr said...

Wow, that is just great. What a wonderful gift to receive.

NeuroMama said...

Oh, she was (and is) so adorable! What an amazing gift for her and your family.

Mei Mei Journal said...

Sooooo sweet.