Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Little Hair Trouble

Do you remember in "Grease" when Frenchy had a little trouble in tinting class? She ended up with pink hair. Well, that was our house this weekend. If you can think back a few weeks, you will recollect that Katie dyed her blonde hair brown. She decided on Sunday that she wanted to go back to being blonde. Long story short, she ended up with a strawberry blonde that is on the verge of being orange. I will not post pictures because she would kill me. Plus, I have none to show. I doubt she would stand still long enough. :-)

I let her stay home yesterday morning to try and get an appointment somewhere to have it fixed. No one could see her so she ended up going to school at lunch time. Tonight, we met with a color specialist from a local spa/salon. She will be able to correct Katie's hair on Friday back to it's natural color----or close to it. I'm sure I will be allowed to post pictures of the end result!

Got to admit she is being a good sport about this. If her hair was green or something, I can see school being a challenge. But it's not a horrible color; just not right for her. The boys at school said it looked the same as it did before she colored it. Tells you how observant they are, huh??!


Margaret Miracle said...

I turned my hair bright orange at 15....oh the days of experimentation!!! Fun times!

Carrie said...

I have had a ton of bad hair dye jobs from myself-My mom always let me out of school until I fixed it- I would have died if I went-My brother is always saying "if Carrie had bad hair she got out of school but if I was throwing up Mom made me go!" It is true I was a brat!

Denise said...

Oh dear! Oh Katie! I hope she doesn't have to hard a time at school this week.

I admit that I've never had an issue with color before-- I've always been afraid to color it. I've hightlighted, professionally, but this summer was the first time I colored it!

Michelle said...

Oh, we have had the same hair woes over here...but I think she has finally settled on a color and it does look pretty....I still miss the old one though. : )

Have a great Thursday, Kristin!!!

Kristin said...

I color my hair all the time but stay within the brown/red shades each time. Going from blonde to brown was a complete unknown for me!!!

I hope her color correction/balancing (as they call it) goes well tomorrow. I'll let you know!