Sunday, October 19, 2008

Katie's Photo Shoot

Got you all excited huh, like Katie is modeling or something. Nah. Big sisters love to doll up their little sisters. Well, at least at our house. So today was another make-up and photo session with Katie. She has the girls do smiles and then the solemn "model" face. Katie keeps saying Anna Grace is a natural so we should take her to modeling/casting calls.

Uh no. AG's cooperation for pictures depends entirely on her mood of the day. Just when you think she'll be outgoing and personable, she spends the next hour hiding behind you and pretending to be shy.

Abby, well. We're still working on the smile thing. She has a wonderful smile but when you ask her to smile for a picture, she does this weird face. So we're trying to "teach" her to smile. When she does her gorgeous smile, she hunches up her shoulders, tips her head onto her shoulder, and holds her hands. This is a Katie pose which we cannot break now. Thanks Katie!

In other thrilling boring news, the playroom is clean once again thanks to hard little workers (amazing how bribes work), three loads of laundry were washed, Alex is at youth group (after many complaints), our pantry is full (love BJ's Wholesale Club), and lunches are already made for school tomorrow.

Feel free to ignore this drivel if you choose. It's primarily for daddy who is currently in Shanghai. :-)


Denise said...

Yeah! You did a strike out!!! I love strike outs but try to restrain myself from using them too much.

I had to laugh at the smiles and cameras. My children have beautiful smiles, that is until you pull out a camera. Then they get these very pained expressions on their face that is supposed to be a smile. It looks like they are being tortured, which in some cases they feel like they are.

Laura L. said...

How cute! I like the 1st and last photos the most. :) The last one is so sweet. Love those pouty lips.
How fun that they have these fun big and little sister times.

Margaret Miracle said...

I love the photo shoot and have so enjoyed finally getting caught up reading your blog. I have missed alot in a week! I love the pictures and thanks for your encouraging words during Graeme's surgery and recovery!