Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Memories to Wear

Two friends of mine at school have started a side business of making ceramic pendants of pictures. I recently had our family picture from the beach (my profile pic) made into a pendant. The picture may not seem perfectly clear because it's taken at an angle. To be right above means having a shadow so what else could I do?? But here is the finished product (minus silver chain):

Isn't it so cool??!! It is such a "mom" thing to wear. :-)

Then, our art teacher had the students do projects which can be ordered on tote bags, note cards, mugs, etc. My friends also offered this as a pendant. So, I ordered Anna Grace's picture. Yes, my child is the only one in kindergarten who had to have pink ocean water. But that's okay. It matches more of my clothes that way!

So if you are interested at all in having a favorite picture turned into a pendant, silver key chain (I ordered that too!), dog tag, or ceramic tile, check out Picture Perfect. You will be very pleased!


Michelle said...

They are REALLY nice, Kristin!! I will have to check out that site!

wingepr said...

Oh I love those!
I totally get the Pink Water.

Margaret Miracle said...

That is just too cool! I love them! Pink creative and brilliant!

Torrie said...

Too cute! now you can have a portable family, with you at all times :)