Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Pink Ladies

Taken June 2006

Taken today

For those who are interested, here is Katie's fixed hair. It is a light brown right now but will be fading within a month to a lighter shade. She is happy with it. I was so used to her light blonde over the summer that the light brown is still a shock at times. But at least it's not orange anymore!

PS. If you are like me and click on the most recent post, you will have missed new baby pictures of Abby. Scroll down!


Teresa =) said...

Talk about changes in hair...Kristin with black hair?! (Or is that just bad lighting in that picture?)

Love the update with you and your little ones! Pink ladies ROCK!

Katie, your hair looks great. Would have enjoyed a peek at the "Ronald McDonald 'do" though...

Teresa =)

Kristin said...

Nah, it wasn't black but probably darker brown than I have now. I like to change my hair color! I just stay within my color scheme to avoid the issues we just witnessed.

Hee hee, I would have loved to have a picture of Katie's hair but she wouldn't let me take a picture----even if I promised not to publish it. Oh well.

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

WOW. They have grown so much. What a sweet picture!


wingepr said...

Tell Katie, she looks great in all the colors I've seen, but I like the blond the best, (I think its b/c thats how I saw her first).

You look so different with your hair colored, they both look great on you, Wish I had the nerve to go that big a change.

And the girls just keep getting cuter.


Michelle said...

The light brown looks really pretty! I am with you....Chelsea's color is okay now...but I still can't get used to it!

The pictures of Abby are adorable...such a special blessing to have them!!!

Carrie said...

congrats on the new pic's-it is like Christmas getting those right! Hey I loved the pink ladies from The movie Grease- I was hoping to see you girls all dressed up in the Pink Ladies Jackets!

Julie said...

I just got cuaght up with you! Tell Katie that I tried to "highlight" my hair myself this summer - There is a REASON why we pay people to do this for us! Lesson learned.

I soooooooooooo would have had that drink! In fact, yesterday when I got home from work and found TWO princesses with a stomach virus I swear they were not sick Friday) Tripp had already had a couple of beer. He was more than happy to let me take over and watch Aubrun loose in peace. I called in sick today. My marriage is more important than a one weekend a month job.

The girls have grown up so much! And that scene with the crying and fighting - happens just about everyday in my house!