Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pity Party at My House..

Anyone want to come?

It's been a tiresome few days so I'm feeling a bit grumpy. Anna Grace is getting up again during the night (probably because daddy is out of town). I wake up between 1 and 3am to find her sound asleep in my bed. I just leave her because I am too tired to get up! But then she ends up kicking me, hitting me, or something which causes me to not sleep well. This is the main reason I am wiped out today!

Yesterday, the big kids picked up the little ones at after school so I could run a few errands. I had to buy a few groceries and get Alex a pumpkin for math class. He told me to get an average sized pumpkin. But all Publix had were large ones. I called him again to clarify. He said average---which means nothing to me! I continue into the produce area where I was able to find a smaller pumpkin. Yeah for me!

I head home with my bags and deliver the pumpkin to "the boy" (as dad calls him). First response from him:

"It's too small. I have to carve math things into it."

Well, if that had been told to me from the very beginning, I would have known what to look for! Good grief. So I had to head back out to Wal-Mart to try again. What a nice mom. I returned with four pumpkins all about the size of the first one I had found just an hour earlier at Publix but decided to not purchase. Guess what? These were fine. Agh!

Pumpkin dilemma solved so we went about our evening. Katie asked to borrow my shampoo and promised to return it to my bathroom when she was done with it. I don't know why I believed her.

This morning, I am in the shower, therefore soaking wet, when I reach down for my shampoo and it's not there. No way, you say. Like it's a big surprise. So I mutter a few choice words aimed at my sleeping 17 year old in the next room. She, of course, does not hear me.

Okay, Plan B. I will use Dave's. Reach down for his and it's empty. Strike two for me. Now I'm irritated. I have to get out of the shower, drip water everywhere, and search under my sink for discarded shampoo that I decided I didn't like for one reason or another. Thankfully I found some, dripped more water on the floor and returned to my shower.

Once I was out of the shower and dressed, I woke up Katie (quite abruptly, I might add) to voice my displeasure. She didn't seem too concerned.

Today when I returned home from school, the clean dishwasher was not unloaded and the trash was overflowing. To be fair, I did not directly state to the kids that this needed to be done. But would it be too much to ask that you be aware of when I might need help? I guess so. To make matters worse, neither realized the fact that the dishes were clean and added their dirty dishes from breakfast.

Suffice it to say, I had two teens in my kitchen completing these chores before they did anything else.

Dave heads home this Saturday after two weeks in Asia. He emailed Sunday saying he was going to be done early so would catch a flight home on Thursday or Friday. Cool! The next day he emails again saying there are no flights available. Everything is booked. So he is stuck with his original flight home. Never imagined he'd have trouble finding an earlier flight. Rats.

The plus sides to the day are that dinner is already done thanks to the crock pot, the girls are playing nicely together in their still clean playroom, and my day at school went pretty smoothly thanks to my assistant, my special needs assistant, and my student teacher. Yes, there are four adults in my room!! Not all, day every day but quite often. Add volunteering parents and the count can be as high as five at a time. :-)

Oh, and even though I instructed Katie to return my shampoo to my bathroom before going shopping with her friend today, guess what is still missing in action?


Michelle said...

Oh, no! Sorry you had a ad day...I have them sometimes, too! The shampoo thing...I can so relate to that. Chelsea is always taking products from my bathroom and never returns them!

Hope you have a better tomorrow!!!!

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Oh don't you just love it when the kids help themselves and don't return? argh! Define "average" heehee. Oh I'm sorry you're stressing today. Your stressful day sure brought some laughter to mine. LOL And YES...I WILL join your pity party! Where is my LOA!!!!?????

Kristin said...

Your LOA needs to be here!! I keep waiting for that wonderful update saying it's arrived.

I may have my little pity party but others out there are waiting for LOA, TA, have medical, family, or financial issues, etc. Makes my day seem so minor. :-)

Carrie said...

you poor baby-Yes I totaly understand why can't people see that the trash is over flowing and it needs to be taken out-it's always Mommys job to notice these sorts of things-Argh!!!

Mary said...

As I tell my kiddos..."This is why mothers in the wild eat their young!" You would think that would garner some type of response, but alas, zippo! Sigh. All you can do is 'wish they have children just like them'! ;-) That will teach 'em!