Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Start of Christmas

Earlier this evening, we headed over to our local outdoor mall/living center thing. You know what I mean, right? Where you have all the really nice stores, architecture, landscaping, etc but it’s all outdoors? We took Alex's semi-formal pictures there this past May. It’s a beautiful area but not so much fun when it’s raining----which it has been all day.

But tonight was the “Lighting of the Tree” along with the arrival of Santa and other such entertainment. So we got the girls in the car and eagerly headed on over to experience such an event. (after the fact: please note the sarcasm in my voice)

After struggling to find a place to park, which must surely be a good sign of things to come, we headed for the main courtyard area by Dillards. The huge tree is there and really looks great.

Next stop, reindeer. Yes, reindeer in Georgia. Guess no one told them they had gone the wrong direction.

Thankfully, no one (ie: Anna or Abby) asked why we had reindeer since it’s not the North Pole or other mind-boggling questions. Safe for another year. They also wouldn’t get close enough for a picture nor ask the handler the deer’s name. So, we have no idea which reindeer we saw tonight. The girls did say it was not Rudolph since his nose was not red. At least we ruled him out.

Right about this time, Katie and Catlan showed up. Anna Grace went running into Cat’s arms. After all, she is really his girlfriend, not Katie. At the same time, we ran into Abby’s teacher at daycare. But Abby wouldn’t even say hi. After all, Ms. Jenn shouldn’t be out in public, but only at school.

After visiting for a few minutes, the teens headed off to shop before meeting up with us for the show. But the show was late getting started and rather boring. So instead Anna Grace decided to pull on the bushes in front of her to make it rain

while Abby danced with daddy (ie: spun circles around him while he stood still).

About this point, both girls were whining because they were tired and wanted to go home. Since not a whole lot was happening, Santa not due to appear for another hour, and tree lighting after that, we packed up and went home.

We reheated all our leftover Thanksgiving goodies and had another Thanksgiving---much to the confusion of the girls. They wanted to know was company coming again!

While we were preparing dinner, we glanced outside and saw it was pouring rain. Good thing we left or we’d have been stuck in that mess.


I did complete my photo tag from Teresa, so scroll down to see what I found in my Fourth Album/Fourth Picture!


Denise said...

Well good for you for trying to make a moment with the girls! Sounds like they had fun at first anyway.

We've had Thanksgiving leftovers so many times now that my kids aren't confused they're just plain tired of them! I gave them the option of macaroni and cheese or leftovers for lunch and they chose the mac & cheese!

Carrie said...

love the pic of day and the girls.

wingepr said...

Sorry it rained. It is STILL raining here. We havent been able to go get a tree yet, so hopefully we'll get that done this week IF the rain stops.