Friday, May 16, 2008

Eighth grade semi-formal

Below are scenes from a photo session before the eighth grade semi-formal. The kids are all friends----and went as friends! Katie wanted to come also since she knows the girls but that meant hauling along the little ones. Whew. I was ready to come home!!

These pictures were taken in a local outdoor shopping area with a gazebo and fountain. We were also witnesses to a gentleman proposing to his girlfriend! Katie spotted it coming (the lady was gone for a moment, the man ran and got a bouquet of flowers to put behind the bench where they were sitting). Sure enough, within a few minutes, he was on his knee proposing to her! We all clapped when she jumped up and gave him a hug. Poor guy never imagined a bunch of middle schoolers and their moms witnessing his proposal!!!

Back to the pictures, I am not going to name all the kids due to privacy, but Alex is the tall one in the white shirt! There are lots of other pictures with other kids too but I figured these were enough to give you an idea.

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The Hams said...

They look so great! Wow, it's crazy to watch them doing all of these things and think that this will be Luke one day! The first day was actually great! We went walking, which he loved and then just came home and played, but we had so much fun! We went walking again this morning and we are going to make that a morning routine, so there is a little structure for me =)