Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random things.....

---Katie started work today at the YMCA summer camp. She is working with 7-8 year olds and working 35 hours per week. Her friends are somewhat taken aback by her weekly hours but their parents tend to hand them things instead of having the child pay for it. Katie realizes she needs the money because mom won't just hand over cash very willingly! Anyhow, the first day was hectic and stressful but that is par for the course. She did say later in the evening that everything went much smoother than she anticipated (based on last year's experience!).
---The little girls have three days of school left until they are home for the summer. Both are very excited to go swimming every day, visit the library, play in the backyard, and not do much else. Sounds good, huh? Anna Grace will tell us that when summer is over, she is going to Kindergarten!
---Alex has started off his summer by cranking the amp on his guitar and enjoying being able to play as loudly as he wants since no one is home! I had to warn him to keep the phone near him in case I called (or the air conditioning company--another story there).
---Dave has one more week in China before he heads home. He'll actually be heading to Bangkok this weekend and return to ATL from there. I know he is looking forward to getting home. Last night, I put the video clip of the girls at the pool specifically for him but he was unable to open it. It may be a censorship thing in China. He has to access this site via an anonymous server. Fun fun.
---I have two more offical days of school. We are getting new flooring in our classrooms so have to pack up everything we have in our rooms into boxes to be easily moved. I'm almost done, I hope! I'm down to the few random things which don't easily fit into boxes. I remember when we've moved houses before and reach a point where we just throw stuff into boxes although none of it makes sense together. I'm about there!
---That's it for the night. I will post a few random pics Katie took. I am awaiting news of my car (and the second new transmission in two weeks) and the AC guys to come to our house (to repair the upstairs unit for the 4th time in two years). It's been non-stop action around here! I mentioned the AC issues today at work and someone thought I meant in my car (because that went out a week ago too!).

Thank goodness summer is here!!

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C&A said...

you poor dear! I live in the heat so no ac is like no way-They would be here that day or I'd be in Hotel! I had to acess everything like that in China also! Hey I had to get a job to when I was a kid -good for you mom!-I can work on my blog in the next few days and I will email you the passcode!