Saturday, May 10, 2008


We heard from the garage early this morning. The transmission is completely shot. Chrysler has a history of transmission problems---just an FYI for any Chrysler owners! Anyhow, I will have a rebuilt transmission put in sometime next week with a good warranty. Until then, I have Dave's car since he is out of the country. Good thing too otherwise we'd all be squeezing into Katie's car!!

Dave left today for three weeks in China. I told the girls when Daddy left, we would rent "Alvin and the Chipmunks". Daddy strongly dislikes this movie so I was nice and waited until he was gone. :-) So, we went to Blockbuster just a little bit ago and rented it for them. It should keep them busy for a little while!

Alex is playing in a soccer tournament about an hour from here. He rode down with friends (thank you!) and is now on his way home. They won the first game but lost the second. They have another game tomorrow morning so I hope it goes well.


Julie said...

Oh fabulous. I have a Pacifica. The only issue we have had is with the break sensors - had to have all of them replaced.



art said...


Thanks for the nice comment on our blog. I am glad I found your familiy's blog so that I can follow your family as well.