Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No AC-----Uggh!

Well, the verdict is in. Our upstairs AC unit has a leak in the system somewhere---which honestly, we already knew. We've had issues with this unit the entire time we've lived in the house. However, since the technician doesn't know where the leak is located, he needs to run a pressure test for 4-5 days. The kicker is the entire unit needs to be turned off during that time. Oh no! So no upstairs air conditioning for a week. Thank goodness the downstairs still works! We'll be a tad hot until next Wednesday. I will say that I am thankful it is only the end of May and not the end of July! It would be much hotter in July. Whew.


Anonymous said...

Seriously?? I wore a SWEATER to work today. Took it off by first period, but still... just thinking about AC right now makes me shiver!!


C&A said...

you poor dear-I send you money but I am so broke-after this adoption and all the dental and Dr's! now on to paying for OT!