Sunday, November 30, 2008

Calling all readers!!

Book readers, that is! But I love my blog readers. :-)

We head back to school tomorrow after enjoying nine stay-at-home days. It's going to be a rude awakening tomorrow at 5:30am when the alarm goes off. Yuck.

But let's not think about that.

I spent the break reading. Yes, really! I did some posting too but finished lots of books. No, not these...

Although, based on recent posts (ie. Thanksgiving posts!), you may beg to differ with me. But seriously, if daddy is home, he does story time, not me!

No, I read these for the past week...

Techically, I haven't finished the top book but am half way through---and am really enjoying it. I actually put it aside to update the blog tonight. You should feel honored. Hee hee!!

I really want to know about other authors. I need other books and authors to read! What do you read?? What books do you NOT want to put down?

I am not into sci-fi or other such similar things. I love John Grisham but have read all his stuff--and continue to read them over and over again. I also like mysteries or medical novels. Too scary isn't good because then I can't sleep at night. That does not make for a happy kindergarten class the next day. :-)

So, all you readers out there....what do you like to read?? If you don't want to comment publicly but have authors to share, go to My Profile. My email address is there!

Please share any authors or books you really like. Even if you think I may not like it---someone else will!! Christmas break is only a short 14 school days away. I need some ideas of books to look for at the library.

Regular readers, visitors, or lurkers, please give me ideas!! Again, feel free to email me instead. I need to branch out from my "regular reader" zone. :-)

I will compile a list of authors/books from my comments/emails at a later date!!


Jaime said...

Well I have been reading tons lately too but no fun books like that. :) I always find good lists on Amazon and go to town on those.

tarita said...

Here are a few of my favorites:

Dee Henderson-anything but especially Danger in the Shadows and The Omalley Series

Lori Wick- anything but my favorite is , Sophies Heart

Lisa See- Flower Net, The Interior, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (the settings of these books is China)

The Shack by Young

Sister Chicks by Robin Gunn

Yada Yada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson

Tedd Dekker-anything by this author they love

Karen Kingsbury anything

The way I find new books is to go the the new books section of our library and just pull some that look interesting. I have had some hits and misses this way. But then have read things that I may not have normally done.
I always try to read something fiction and non fiction at the same time. I am always trying to learn things..
I do have others but my mind is blank this morning.

Can't wait to see what others have to say.

Denise said...

I, of course, recommend Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series. Total love story.

NeuroMama said...

I love to read, but haven't had much time for it lately with three little ones running around. Oh, to curl up with a good book for an uninterupted afternoon seems almost too much to hope for!

I love anything by Jennifer Weiner (chick lit, but not frivolous) or Jodi Picoult. I'll have to think about this a bit more. I also love psychological thrillers. My husband thinks I'm nuts because I'm always reading these scary books and then am paranoid that some psychotic killer will be waiting in my backseat when I get in the car. Ha ha ha ha.

Doug and Terrye said...

I love to read! I agree with Tarita that Lori Wick is good if you like a simple and heartwarming read. Mary Higgins Clark is thrilling (I've even caught DH reading a couple of hers!), especially "Loves Music Loves to Dance."

Terrye in FL

Kristin said...

I have so little time to read right now (only bedtime---when I fall asleep in minutes!!) that I live for vacation times. So I totally get our busy mom syndrome out there. :-)

I am excited to have new authors to check out!

Any others out there?? Please let us's not just me who wants to know!

Ashley and Mike said...

I love to read too and so cherish the old days when I could go on vacation and sit and read the whole time. I love it! I think on my honeymoon I read about 7 books. Poor hubs! Maybe we should take a trip to the mountains for the weekend and we can just sit, read, and drink coctails...sounds fabulous!!!!

I think I can meet this weekend, but I will be without my minnie man. We are almost sure he is headed to the mountains for the weekend with his dad. If you want to wait we can. Poor Harrison will be so sad if he misses the dancing girls. He is totally infatuated!

As for books, I am a huge James Patterson and Dean Koontz fan. WIth that being said as I get older I have a problem reading scary books too so I have not picked on up in a while since Mike is on night shift. Those are the only two authors that I read almost everything by. I have read all the Grishams, Steele, and a bunch of others.

I have enjoyed picking up those new paperback books that a bit larger. I cannot stand reading a small paperback and am a hardcover reader only, but those larger ones are ok. I just get anything. Then, about 24 hours after I am done, I forget the whole book. On many occasions I have gotten about 150 pages in and realized that I have already read it.

This really makes me want to read and something other than the huge boring documents that I am reading now! Ok, better head home and try to catch my minnie before he goes to bed.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm with Tarita - I love Dee Henderson's O'Malley series, especially Danger in the Shadows. I also loved Wild Swans by Jung Chang and River Town by Peter Hessler. They are two of my favorite "China" books.

Kristin said...

From my sister:
If you like mysteries, look for
Diane Mott Davidson
Joanne Fluke
Sue Grafton

My favorite Christian fiction series is by Jan Karon. Start at the beginning. You'll love Father Tim and will be laughing out loud.

jiangxigirls said...

I like a lot of what you have there. One of my favs is Linda Howard. I haven't read any of her books I didn't like. Other favs: Lisa Gardner; Nora Roberts (as herself); Eileen Goudge; James Patterson (already mentioned); Sandra Brown.

Margaret Miracle said...

This is hard as I have so many favorites:
Stephanie Meyer and Twilight series..I feel like I am back in high school again reading these
Greg Isles...anything he writes. Some are scary.
James Patterson...easy and quick reads, very interesting usually.
Jenifer her point of view
Allison Brennan...another scary author but a great read
Randy Pausch..The Last Lecture..get the box of kleenex out and one to save for your children
Dave Sedaris...any...I heard him read aloud from one of his books once....hilarious.
Anita Shreve..I typically find something that is haunting and that touches me in her books
Diane Setterfield...The Thirteenth Tale... I love the way this book is written.
Alice Sebold...The Almost Moon (just bought it...I'll let you know what I think) but I loved her The Lovely Bones

There are more but I am tired and can't think! Enjoy!

art said...

I LOVE to read!! I usually like the dark,scary books the best but here are some that aren't so scary!

Janet Evonovich - sort of cheesy & predictable, but a nice light read. Love/mystery BUT not scary!

Ken Follet - The Pillars of the Earth & World Without End.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

The Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz - may be a little scary but a classic good vs. evil with some odd characters.

Twilight - I just "jumped" on this bandwagon and read the first book in a day and I am now desperatley searching for the second in the series.

Two all time favorites -

The Thorn Birds
Of Mice and Men

Karen said...

I just went to and signed up for their First Look book club. They send you advanced copies of future bestsellers. Sign up now for the one coming ou the first week in January.

Teresa =) said...

Kristin -

Between adopting kids, changing jobs, and pursuing college degrees, my pleasure reading has dropped to zero. However, my favorites from past pleasure reading days are:

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers -- it's a historical romance novel based on the book of Hosea in the Bible. I'm usually not a romance novel fan, but LOVED this book!

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult -- a medical ethics mystery-type book that completely shocked me at the end! Google tells me it's being made into a movie in 2009 starring Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. Read the book first!

Maybe I should print out your comments on this one and save 'em for future pleasure reading once life calms down a bit!

Teresa =)

My Heart Beats In China said...

Oh I posted on the wrong post about books, but also a great page turner from beginning to end is No Place Like Home by Mary HIggins Clark. Did you try any James Patterson's earlier books? They're really good as well.
Got to come back here for more ideas!

Thanks for posting this.