Sunday, November 23, 2008

Airing Dirty Laundry.....

Oh.......I've got you hooked now, don't I? You are anxiously waiting to read the rest of the post to see what I am going to share. You are on the edge of your seat quickly reading each word to see what happens next. You are expecting some great revelation of our lives. Hah!

Sorry to disappoint you........but, here is the story.

The little ones had finished dinner so we sent them off to get jammies on. Of course, that means finding clean underwear which can be a task in and of itself. So they checked the dresser

which looked suspiciously empty. No underwear to be found.

Okay, on to mom's room where all the clean laundry is located but not sorted, folded, etc. Hmmm. Good luck there.

Guess what tomorrow's project will be???

So, then I say...check my purse.

All eyes look to me in wonderment and disbelief. Why would there be toddler underwear (or anyone's underwear for that matter) in my purse? Long story short, I keep extra clothes at school for AG in case she needs them (you know, spilling milk, paint, etc). Turns out one of my girls had an accident recently so used Anna's extra clothes. Since I never got them back, I put underwear in my purse "just in case". But I never transferred them to my closet. They've been in my purse for a couple of weeks.

Well, after gaining underwear from mom's purse, we are now fully clothed for bedtime and awaiting the wonderful treat of the evening----ie: the reason why we eat dinner.

While waiting for dessert, Dave surfed the music channels and came across...

yes, Taylor Swift. We've been in Georgia too long. But suffice it to say, she has become a favorite amongst the girls in our house---including mom.

Anna Grace loves her new song "Love Story" and knows all the words (with embellishments). Katie even made them a new bedtime CD of only Taylor Swift. Save me!

I have saved you from the video of AG depicting the Taylor Swift song in question. Therefore, you can keep reading. :-)

After treats of ice cream

the girls are in bed, Alex is heading to a friend's house for the night, and Katie is hanging out with Catlan.

And we are enjoying a late dinner, movie, and no work (for me!) tomorrow.

So no true dirty laundry tonight. Maybe another night. Or maybe you are stuck with clean laundry---all over my room. :-)

Stay tuned for other revelations of my life.


Denise said...

I laugh at your laundry-- HA! You call that measly amount of clothing a lot of laundry to be folded??? Had I known that my laundry pile was going to be challenged I would have taken a picture tonight before I just folded 6 loads of laundry that was literally blocking access to my children's bedrooms!

Kristin said...

Ah yes, but I didn't take photos of all the laundry under my windows.It may not be six loads worth but it's a lot! At least five loads. :-)

Denise said...

You've challenged me to a duel now. I'm going to let my laundry pile up and then take a picture of it and then we'll see whose pile is bigger.

And while I'm tempted to just throw all the folded and not yet put away laundry back in the baskets to take a photo, I'm not THAT desperate. Give me a few days...

day by day said...

Love this post, Kristin! We are often on a search for clean undies and the girls have sooo many that I am amazed they actually run out...but never fails...we do! lol!

Have a great week, Kristin!

Meghan said...

I also looked at your pile of laundry and laughed. I recently counted the number of dryer sheets on my couch (of course this equaled the number of loads of unfolded laundry just sitting there) and it was ELEVEN!!! I kept telling myself that even though my kids were wearing crumpled, wrinkled clothes- at least they were clean, right?

wingepr said...

Thanks for making me feel better! I seem to always have a pile of clean clothes, which drives my husband insane!