Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to the Army, Sir

In case you are a bit behind in our news, Dave returned to the US Army on Friday morning. He is not leaving his current civilian job. Instead, he will work with the Army on weekends like he used to do before retiring in March 06 as a Major. We're not sure what will happen over the next year but we'll roll with the punches. :-)

He arrived home with new uniforms today because, of course, they have changed since retiring almost three years ago. They look funky to me because it's not what I'm used to seeing him wear when in uniform!

We are also now the proud owners of new military tags. Good thing since our other ones expired a few years ago. We never bothered to get new ones until today. :-)

Now, just promise me you won't come by and steal Katie's car since I just published her military tag number.

Oh, and most importantly, we are proud of our daddy for serving our country.
Thursday morning: Dave just pointed out that I have his oak leaves posted sideways. My apologies to other military members out there who noticed this. I will fix it after work today!
Update Thursday night: Okay, all fixed! Hope I didn't offend anyone other than my husband. :-)


Melissa the Careful Wisher said...

Tell your husband Thank You for all that he does for our country! I know you are very proud!

Ashley and Mike said...

I love the new look! I cannot wait to see a picture of hubs in his new "old" digs!

Denise said...

Congrats to Dave! I know you must be very proud!

Kate said...

I love your new blog look. That header is beautiful.

I am so thankful to those who serve in the armed forces. Please thank him for me as well!


day by day said...

Oh, I am sure you are all so very proud of him! Please thank him from us for all he does in serving our country!!!

Love your new blog is so much fun to get a "new look"!

Have a great week-end!!!

Laura L. said...

Hi there! I think your blog looks great. Very pretty!
Please tell your husband we appreciate his service to our country very much!

wingepr said...

I have to second everyone else. Please give your husband a HUGE Thank you for what he does! And also to you and your family.

God Bless

art said...

We love the AF's new uniforms - no more trips to the dry cleaners - they are machine washable!! My husband would have been one that complained about the oak leaves a well - it is so hard to watch anysort of military movie with him - he LOVES to critic it and point out all the mistakes!

Thanks to your family for serving!