Friday, November 21, 2008

Overheard today............

Whoo Hoo! I am on a blog roll. Okay, not funny. But two posts in one night AND two days in a row. I really am on a roll. :-)

I just finished my tag from Laura but just had to add these funnies from tonight!

These are a few things we overheard from kids five and under:

"Time for some loving." (Abby to Katie when she wants a hug)

"You are almost dead because you are 41." (Anna Grace to mommy)

"I'm not going to be your best friend." (Abby to Anna Grace)

"Anna and Logan sitting in a tree. K I S and T U V. First comes love. Second comes marry. Third comes baby in a baby carriage." (Anna Grace to anyone who is listening)

Don't you love little people??!! They can always make you smile. Good thing too especially when they are being naughty. Whew.

'Nuf said.


Donna said...

Ouch...almost dead at 41? I'm in big trouble, with the big 43 coming next month!

Denise said...

Kids say the cutest things! Good thing you're recording them. I always forget.

NeuroMama said...

Okay, I needed that laugh tonight. Loved the "you are almost dead" comment. Too funny!

tarita said...

Dead at 41? Well I am in my second go round! Soon to be 46, so does that make me an infant again? I sure hope not:). I love listening to the little ones, it is scary at times to hear myself in their conversations.