Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thanksgiving Prelude

I awoke this morning at the ripe time of three, unable to sleep, and thought "golly gee". As I lay there all warm and snug in my bed, I thought of a post, off the top of my head.

'Tis the day before Thanksgiving
and I’m raring to go.
It’s time to start cleaning
but the kids all yell, NO!

Company is coming
I remind them with glee,
so get busy scrubbing
or you’ll have no turkey.

Out comes the vacuum,
the swiffer, the mop.
Oh when will this end?
When will it stop?

Keep cleaning and scrubbing
and dusting the mess.
Are we done yet, dear mom?
Please, please say yes.

Your work here is done,
I tell my young slaves.
Your freedom is granted.
Enjoy the rest of today.

Oh company is coming!
Seven guests, maybe more.
Do we have enough tables?
Or shall we sit on the floor?

Do we move the couches
to make one large space?
Or put adults in one room
and the kids have their place?

Ah! The boyfriend is coming.
What a brave, noble man.
Maybe a teen table will work,
what a plan, what a plan!

That problem solved,
what’s next on the list?
Surely there’s something
I conveniently missed.

The food is all purchased
I hope and I pray,
or back shopping I go
on today of all days.

Look through the pantry, the fridge,
and the freezer.
I know I forgot something since
I’m such an old geezer.

Potatoes and stuffing,
rolls, pies, and cake,
green beans and corn
and more things to bake.

Alas, things are missing,
although only a few.
Guess shopping will happen.
More things to do.

Now the linens are ironed,
the tables are set.
Will it last ‘til the morning?
Let’s make a bet!

The shopping is done
our day now complete.
Naps have been taken
The house is all neat.

Dad’s rested for tomorrow’s
great, crazy fun
of the Atlanta Half Marathon
Run, dad, run, run!

Time to make dinner
and get girls to bed
or tomorrow they’ll be grumpy
which I surely do dread!

The day draws to an end
but I just want to say,
blessings and good wishes
for your Thanksgiving Day!


Denise said...

I think you have missed your calling!!! What a cute poem. Wanna come finishing cleaning my house now???

Laura L. said...

That is really, really good! Better save that one.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Raine said...

Love it! And, I'm impressed that the tables are all set already. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dawn said...

Love the poem! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

day by day said...

That's great, Kristin!! I loved it!!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!!!!!

Margaret Miracle said...

Love the poem!!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!