Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twins or not twins?

Boy has it been a busy week! I am just now getting caught up on some of my favorite blogs. I have been trying to get to bed early each night in hopes of getting a better night's sleep. (note: it didn't work) So, now it's almost the end of the week and I'm giving up. Sigh.

I was reading my friend Karen's blog about the dumb things people say in regards to adoption. It got me thinking about our situation. We've really not experienced many negative comments. Our biggest questions are: Are they really sisters? and, Are they twins?

To me, the girls look very different so I have never understood that question. Until tonight. Since I have been too lazy busy to take pictures of the girls lately, I looked through the old ones. I came across this one that I must have taken recently but forgot I did. When I looked at it, I realized why people must ask the question. Check it out!

From this angle, I can see why, if you looked quickly or didn't know the girls very welll, you might think they are twins. Of course, it doesn't help that they are often dressed the same!

In other news, tomorrow is our last day before the Thanksgiving break. Yeah for us! As the girls would say, we will have

yes, count 'em, NINE stay at home days. :-)

(this of course counts the weekends)

I am sure we will have some very interesting days next week. Stay tuned!


Laura L. said...

Yes, they do look a lot alike from this angle. Cute photo. :)
Oh I'm sure you are very much looking forward to the Thanksgiving break. Enjoy!

Ashley and Mike said...

The girls look so much alike in this photo! I bet you are ready for the break.

We finally rented the house tonight. They move in Dec 1st so we are making our last dash to clean out the rest of the house. Lets try to get together early Dec if you can :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, they do look alike! Beautiful! We have school Monday and Tuesday before break! Tell the girls they are lucky!

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Wow! They DO look like twins in that photo! Beautiful girls!!! I am having so much fun buying matching clothes in preparation for Mia Hope...except it makes Lauren's closet seem smaller. heehee

Denise said...

They look amazingly alike in that photo but I agree that they don't in most photos. However, that being said, they are fairly close in size so maybe people think they are fraternal?

You're lucky not to get weird adoption questions. I haven't gotten alot but what I have gotten-- amazing!

My Heart Beats In China said...

They do resemble one another in that photo. How interesting!

Have a Happy and safe Holiday.


Darlene said...

They look a lot alike in this pose! I hope you all enjoy the Thanksgiving break and you get a chance to have some time for youself during that time.

Julie said...

I had someone ask me if Mae and Jane were twins once - went something like this:

Me :"Um no m'am they are 20 months apart n age."

Little old Lady "Well they look like they could be"

Me: "Well I do dress them alike alot"

Little old Lady "No, they have the same FEATURES. The are very pretty"

Me "oh okay well thank you"
Me to myself "Wonder what kind of med she needs to be on and is she driving herself around?"

Not sure how my Asian child and my red head have the same features but perhaps if you hoto shopped them they would!