Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, my excitement about a nap, from my post on Friday, was all for nothing. I never had a nap this weekend. What a bummer. Sometimes that happens.

By the way, I had a lot of fun writing that post! Guess it shows I spend too much time with kids aged five and under. :-) I do have to say though that Dave did not like the picture I posted about him sleeping on the couch. Gee shucks. Too bad.

(He'll read this tomorrow at work and say some "not so nice" words!).

Dave took his Oath of Office and has officially returned to the Georgia National Guard in a part time position. He is assigned to a unit about an hour south of us. Will keep you posted on his status----

Alex's soccer team played twice this weekend---winning both times. They have a tournament this weekend then are done for the season. The little girls and I went to the game on Sunday. They enjoyed being at the soccer field but didn't watch the game at all. Nope. They spent the time with friends pulling weeds and replanting them in a different spot. Yep. Pulling weeds and replanting. But hey, they were busy and happy!

The little girls and I did not attend his game on Saturday. I was happily reading a book and didn't feel like heading to the field. Bad mommy, I know. I did go today though. I put down my book. A struggle that it was, I did stop reading.

Let me digress for a moment. When we are not in school, I can read a book a day. Now, this is not mind-gripping literature but fun novels. If I read anything involving a lot of thought, it takes a bit longer. My teens think I'm crazy.

Sidenote: I would love to write a book myself but don't think I have the creativity to do so. I'll keep thinking about it though.

Most times on the weekends, I am relishing a nap or trying pretending to do school work. But I have been planning ahead for the week with another coworker who does reading and math centers the same way I do. She just happens to be AG's teacher too. Anyhow.....this week, I am more ahead than usual and didn't feel the need to do work. Typically, I am a very last minute kind of planner----at least at school. Always have been and always will be. But my babies leave me knowing how to read. That's all that matters. :-)

Anyhow, I went to the library on Saturday and got four new books. It is now Sunday night and I've already finished two of them. I would be reading another one right now but decided to update you, my faithful readers, instead. :-)

That's another thing. Katie and Alex think the blog thing is weird. "Mom, who wants to read about our lives. All you do is vent" (after my post about parents of teens).

Yet, when Katie was at Georgia Southern this weekend, she checked the blog to see what she missed on Friday and Saturday. See? It serves a purpose. When she is gone next year, she can check in on us. AND, Alex wanted to read it yesterday to see what I'd posted about him. Maybe they'll think twice about doing something for fear it could end up here for the blog world to see.

Nah. Who am I kidding?
Hint of things to come: I have asked Danielle to redo the blog. New scenes are coming soon!!!


Denise said...

Ok, first of all, I have to know what you're reading! I finished my Twilight series books and they were so good that my usual fluff has lost its luster. Help me out!

Writing your book. What do you want to write? When I'm done with my current project I would like to write a novel. Maybe we could work on one at the same time. Writing buddies. We can travel around together for book signings. LOL

My kids rarely look at my blog, boys especially. They could care less what I write about them but I think its because I don't usually fry them-- not saying you do! But I do know that my stepdaughter who doesn't speak to me right now reads. I see her on my stat counter.

Kate said...

My kids love to look at the pictures on the blog and my oldest two, and the only two who can read, have enjoyed it so far. But I know there will someday be a rebellion. But it such a great way to record life and the only way I have been successful in doing so. And I love to peak into what others are doing and find out that others have crazy lives too!

My daughter pulls the weeds when she is supposed to be playing soccer... she probably would prefer replanting them with your daughters!

Donna said...

If I had the time, I'd plow through books myself...I've always got a few going at once and sometimes even finish one! lol...
Thanks for the sweet comments about my Marley on our blog, it made my night. She is a special girl, I sure do love her :)

Anonymous said...


Want to chime in on how wonderful your blog is as a tool to stay up to date with you and the family.

How do you find the time?

JShannon said...

I love to read too ! I go to bed an hour early and read for an hour or two. I tell eveyone that this is my "mommy time" (time to myself) and I'm not to be bothered unless someone is dying of course. lol. Our blog is how my two older boys keep up with whats going on here at home too.