Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Thanksgiving recap..

Well, I am too tired to try and outdo yesterday's post so here is another picture book for your enjoyment!!

The day began
at the crack of dawn
when Dave left our house
while I contined to yawn.

He was off runnning
13 miles of fun
Why oh why, I ask?
Why do you run?

But he returned safely
and was quite proud of his race
Good going dad!
Now put a smile on your face!!

Time to start dinner,
get the turkey to roasting
company is coming
and we have been boasting :-)

Got to have good food
and drink for the crowd,
or our reps will be ruined
and we won't feel proud.

Ha! (okay a stretch on that one)

The tables are set
we are ready to go,
waiting for the doorbell
so we can say hello!

(cheesy, I know. Hey, I'm tired!)

New games and treats
arrive from two places
all for the girls
who have smiles on their faces

Thank you Ms Tracy and Ms Rosa!

Kids played outside
with balls and other stuff
fun had by all
until mom cried, enough!

Friends are all here,
time to serve all the treats
while we await the arrival
of the large yummy beast.

The teens say, we're starving,
when will we dine?
It's hard to be patient,
so please give us a sign!

Now we are full,
dinner hits the spot,
we wait for dessert,
time to get the pies hot.

How can we eat more,
we join in to say?
We're all too full,
maybe another day?

The teen finds a way
to make food hit the spot.
He eats lots of sweets
when the rest of us can not.

The boyfriend takes treats
home with him too,
'cuz we sure don't need them
although Alex says we do.

What great teens we have
who cook and who clean
without all the drama
about how mom is so mean

The linens are cleared
and are now on my stairs.
They shouldn't be there
but I say, who cares??

More dishes to wash,
more things to be done.
A busy, crazy day
which truly was fun.

Now football is on,
we have leftovers galore.
guess there's no need
to head to a store.

This post is so silly
I am sure that you say,
but we hope that you've had
a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

No more rhyming for a while. I promise!


art said...

I LOVE the last two posts!! You are very clever. It looks like you had a wonderful Thankgsiving.


Denise said...

Super cute! You need to write a children's book! No pics of Alex? How unusual. ;>) Oh wait, was that the back of him in the kitchen?

Kristin said...

Yep, that was his back in the kitchen. He wanted to help cook and prepare things but would not, and I mean would NOT, consent to a picture. Such is my life.

Sharon said...

That is just amazing that you can come up with all those rhymes!! haha Good job! Looks like a fantastic time you had!

My Heart Beats In China said...

You are a poet! so adorably cute! Just catching up with my bloggy friends. Glad to know there are reindeer in GA!



Karen said...

Wow! Your creative side is showing. :-) I love your last two posts! Do they take you a long time or just come naturally?
Hugs, Karen