Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Future

I went to bed last night not knowing the outcome of the election. We watched the returns until Dave got irritated with the networks calling a state after 1% of the votes were in. Well, I suppose I'd be mad too. But I was happier in bed with a book to ignore the real-life goings-on.

Now, I have said before that I am of liberal mind and often don't vote because I just don't give a flying flip (to be polite) about the outcome. Most often, our lives don't change dramatically. There are a few squirmishes in Congress but most often, nothing significantly changes in my life.

(Note: my husband would disagree greatly but that's the wonderment of opposites marrying each other).

Except for the military. Major things can change there.

I know others may think the economy changes or taxes do or something else equally important. Perhaps so but it never seems to greatly affect my life. Maybe I'm just unaware----which I often am. I gave up being politically active in my early 20's. :-)

As I posted earlier, most of my family is involved in the military in one aspect or another. Even if I cannot completely support policy, I cannot turn my back on family and friends who are fighting to keep ME free.

I slept fitfully last night and woke up with a feeling of doom. It was weird. I have never felt that way before. But I truly panicked at the outcome of this election. I have no idea why I awoke feeling this way. Maybe I listened to my family too much on the ups and downs on both candidates. Maybe it's because I know Dave just "un-retired" from the Army. But I know he did this in anticipation of the election results.

Maybe I am just scared (fill in your choice of adjective) for our future.

And this comes from a very left-wing, folk song lover, Woodstock wanna-be, save the world, liberal.
Note from author: There will be no more politial comments from me. This blog is about our family and our lives. I just had a such a down day that I needed to get it on paper, so to speak. Feel free to disagree. That's what makes our country great.

6 thoughts from friends:

Ashley and Mike said...

blah today for me too

wingepr said...

You already know I agree!!!! I'm with you.

Lets hope for the best and move on!

day by day said...

I had the same feelings last night and this morning! We have no choice now but to pray for our newly elected President...and pray a lot!!

bbmomof2boys said...

I didn't put anything political on my blog either but I too had and still have that feeling. People want change, I just hoping I have some change left in my pocket when everything is said and done!!


Donna said...

Love Carla's comment! Uncertainty is a scary thing, and I too felt that doom. We'll pray lots. And, this is from a right-wing, conservative gal from the south ;)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Like you said... you and I think different but if we all had the same feelings etc what a boring, boring world it would be... take care...