Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Outtakes

Another picture post! I couldn't resist! :-)


Katie and her friends headed to the northside of Atlanta for the beginning of the state football playoffs. It was a foggy, rainy night but they went anyhow. We knew the team didn't likely stand a chance of winning and continuing in the playoffs, but the kids really wanted to be there---especially since this was their last high school game as seniors. Sure enough, the team didn't do well. Bummer, but not unexpected.

Katie's boyfriend, Catlan, signed his National Letter of Intent to play baseball for a metro area Georgia university. He'd had the papers for a day or so before signing. Not because he didn't want to but because he was too busy. But on Thursday night (I know, I am saying it was Friday. Sorry!), his parents called him in from cleaning his truck to sign the papers. His mom emailed shortly afterwards to tell family and friends it was a done deal. Turns out Cat hadn't told Katie yet. I told her before he did. Whoops! But, in his defense, his mom was on the ball and emailed immediately. He returned to his truck or other stuff before letting others know. Such a guy thing to do!


Alex and Dave had a soccer tournament this weekend in a neighboring county. They were gone all day Saturday. The weather was cold, well for Georgia. The rest of you may think it was warm. Anyhow, it was in the fifties and windy. Makes for a long and chilly day. Alex left here with running pants that he promptly lost within the first hour. How? Well, the boy laid them down on the sidelines during warm-ups. When he returned later, they were gone. We're hoping someone turned them in to the not to be seen lost and found. Dave is going to call tomorrow to check on it.

I have a friend who is currently writing a book. I had the privilege of being able to read part of it this weekend and offer suggestions. It has started me thinking about writing myself. I have always loved to write but once life got busy, all I had time to do was read. But I think about it and wonder do I have the ability. What what I write about? It needs to be something I can relate to otherwise it won't seem real to me. Then it hit me. Big City Northern girl moves to Southern Small Town. No, that is not a title but maybe a place to begin. Yes, I moved from a nice metro area to podunk nowhere in south Georgia in 1989. It was all for a good reason though. Dave and I had just been married and that's where he was working. Ah, well, I don't know. We'll see how life plays out over the next ten years. That's likely how long it will take me to write anything!


Do any of you have little girls who are into the Barbie movies? If so, you will relate to our morning. Well, really our day. Anyhow, the newest Barbie movie we own is "Barbie and the Diamond Castle"---or something like that. All I know is, we've watched it umpteen million times (yes, that is a real phrase). Fortunately, we have put the portable DVD player into the playroom so we don't always have to watch it or hear it. But all to no avail. Today, the girls reenacted the scenes over and over and over again. Get the picture? I am so tired of hearing about the characters, the plot, and heading for (gasp) Diamond Castle. On the other hand, at least they are being creative. That's a plus, right?

Today the girls were coloring when we realized it was very quiet. Not usually a good sign. After further investigation, we found they were coloring on the walls and doors of the playroom as well as some columns in the family room. Fortunately, it was nothing the Mr Clean Magic Eraser could not erase but.....suffice it to say, mommy was not very happy with children aged five and under.

We were talking today about Thanksgiving and who would be joining us for dinner. We have no family coming into town but do have friends who will spend the day with us. Dave also has a co-worker who is coming as she has no family in town. She is fluent in English as well as Spanish. Dave happened to tell Anna Grace that Miss Rosa spoke Spanish. Anna Grace's response:
"How will I understand her during dinner?"

We explained that she will speak English too when she is eating at our house.

"What about when she's not eating?

Guess we confused the poor kid.

The girls wanted to go outside and play today even though it was chilly. No problem. They found socks (although I think at least one pair came out of the dirty clothes pile), grabbed a sweatshirt and headed outside. I said they wouldn't last more than thirty minutes. Dave said he doubted if they'd last five minutes. When they walked out the door, he started his stopwatch. You know how long they made it? Fourty-one seconds. Yep, 41 seconds. Not even a full minute. Good thing we live in the south. They may not survive the northern winters.

In my defense: I was wrapped up in progress reports and not thinking clearly.

After a nice and quiet busy family dinner, Alex volunteered to make the little ones milk shakes for dessert. I bought the industrial size ice cream carton today at Wal-Mart so he was all set. The girls had a quick bath and came down to watch their big brother make them a treat. Truth be known, he likely wanted to make himself a shake but knew it would cause the girls to beg for one also. So he anticipated that and offered to treat them as well. No matter the reason, they were very excited to have attention from Alex. Katie is always there for them; Alex not so much.

Speaking of Katie, she just stopped by to see what I was doing. Blogging again, Mom? That is so weird! Basically meaning, "You are nuts for spending so much time doing this. No one wants to read about our life." But I like it. Even if only a few people read, it is a fun, creative outlet for me.

Have a great night!


Denise said...

Well, I for one, look forward to your update! You are NOT nuts. But I also blog all the time so I think it takes one to know one or something like that.

I LOVE the idea for your book! You need to get going on that instead of wasting time on your friend's book!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hey... I like your blogging... I am reading... I must say that I started mine for my family to read about this crazy wait... but it became a monster... now... if I don't write something I get emails saying "What are you doing? Are you ok?"...
To me, this is like a journal of sorts... I like it but try to not make it to political etc cause I have my nieces/nephews that read it too... some of the posts are on here for them... eg the Tinkerbell video... they love that one... well, the girls at least... so I say 'blog on'...

Laura L. said...

The girls lasted a whole 41 seconds? That's funny.
Sorry to hear about the walls and columns being used for artwork. That's always a fun one isn't it?
I wish there had been Magic Eraser around when my big kids did these things years ago.

Yes, I agree with the above poster, blog on!

wingepr said...

My youngest son once wrote on the ceiling of our new house, we had been there a few months. That was in 99 so he would have been 10. His dad showed his displeasure. I was really impressed that he was able to get up there, still havent figured that out. It was right next to the fireplace.

Sounds like a full weekend. My day is not complete without checking in on my friends.

My blog is more for me and Grace when she is older.

41 seconds, that is impressive.


NeuroMama said...

Don't stop blogging! I love reading about your family. Just ignore the teenager. What do they know anyway? :-)

Sharon said...

Beautiful family! Icannot beleive i haven't been over here before! I agree.. keep blogging!!

Julie said...

Okay..the Barbie movies kind of creep me out. The Princesses have them at the lake and that is where they stay!

Check out my new blog. Selling the Primrose Princesses Pretties! I am trying to support my addiciton to children's clothing. At least I admit I have a problem!