Friday, November 14, 2008

No More Kissing!

Happy Friday! I am just not feeling up to the creativity to top recent Friday night posts. I'm sorry but I'm tired. I guess I'm allowed to since I'm old. So to hold you over until next time, here is an Anna Grace funny.

Anna Grace attends school with me but rides her daycare bus each day to Discovery Point for the after school program. We are both very happy with this decision. It gives her a chance to play and see her friends while I finish getting ready for the next day. Most days, she tells me to come get her very late so she can play longer. All righty then!

Anna Grace waits in the car rider line daily until the daycare bus with Ms Candi arrives. Approximately 15 kids from my school ride this bus each day so she is not sitting there by herself. In fact, probably one third of our school population of 850 students are car riders each day. Yep. Seriously. Maybe more.

Anyhow, the teacher assistants stay with all the car riders until they are picked up. I put my kids on the regular school buses and then stop by to see AG before she leaves on her bus. Yes I know, a bus in the car rider line makes no sense but I digress.

Yesterday when I went to tell her goodbye, the media assistant, whom we've known for years, pulled me aside to pass along some interesting information.

It seems that my child has been kissing random boys while waiting for her bus to arrive. It doesn't seem to matter if she knows the boy or not. Whoever happens to be sitting near her is fair game.

One of the boys complained, and rightly so. The assistant tried to explain that Anna Grace came from a loving family so she's used to giving kisses but the boy just wasn't buying that theory. Can't say I blame him!

Suffice it to say we had a long talk about who we kiss and who we don't kiss. When I picked her up today, the first thing she told me was that she didn't kiss anyone.

But Hannah kissed Logan.

At least it wasn't Anna Grace ............this time.


wingepr said...

Oh, now that is cute!!!!

Hope you gots lots of rest.

wingepr said...

And have I mentioned yet, how much I love the new look.

Laura L. said...

Ha ha. Such an affectionate girl! Better keep an eye on that one. ;)

anne & mike said...

We are not really comment leaving people, but we wanted you to know that we read your blog religiously, and greatly appreciate the comments you leave on ours. We will also never forget your kind words when we were struggling in China. Thanks for your blog and all that you do.

NeuroMama said...

Oh, how adorable Miss Anna Grace is!

Teresa =) said...

That is so funny!! Carson is sure to get complaints some day soon...when I pick him up at preschool, he has to make the rounds and hug EVERY kid in the class. Even the boys. And the kids BEG for his hugs! "Carson, hug ME!" I feel like saying, "Kids, he'll be back tomorrow, for goodness sake!" I'll be prepared for his first complaint now...

Teresa =)

P.S. Love your new blog look! Now Meggie is REALLY bugging me to update ours!! (Thanks, Kristin!)

art said...

That is so funny! I bet they were super sweet kisses!


Tammy said...

Very cute!
At least she wasn't biting them (daycare) or slugging them (kindergarten) like Meghan. Those Xinyu girls are something :-)
-Tamara Murphy