Sunday, July 27, 2008

Off and running......

Well, the little ones head back to school tomorrow. Anna Grace will only attend for a week or so until kindergarten starts. I officially go back on Friday, August 1 but really need the few days ahead of that to get organized in my room.

We are having Katie's formal drape picture taken tomorrow. She reminded me that I promised her she could wear the pearls we bought in China. Guess I'd better figure out where I put them, huh?

Dave left for China yesterday and returns September 6. He missed the end of the school year and will miss the start. Oh well. We have an open house the day before school starts so the kids can meet their teachers. Katie is going to bring Anna Grace to (my---our) school to meet her teacher and then head on to the high school with both AG and Alex to check out the ninth grade wing. Both K and A will drive AG to school on the first day and walk her down the hall. Guess I'd better give them a camera too! Even though Anna Grace is coming to my school, I wanted her to have a special start to the day. Big siblings to the rescue!! I think Katie is more excited about AG's first day than she is!

I can't believe our summer is at an end already. Since getting home from the beach, I haven't wanted to go to the pool or anything. I did take the girls there today for a bit. It seems that once I get back into "school mode" I don't feel like doing much else. I hope to snap out of that and still have some pool time with the little ones since the pool is open until the end of September!!!


Michelle said...

Oh, my goodness, Kristin...I can't believe you are starting back to school already! You must get out a lot earlier than us.
Hope all goes well with everyone's first days. What grade do you teach??

Mei Mei Journal said...

I hope everyone has a smooth start to their school year. Is everyone playing soccer?
We still have a few more weeks of vacation. Our distict is starting late due to construction.

I really appreciate the help I get from our older kids, too.

The Hams said...

Wow, the start of school did come really fast! I am sad that everyone's getting ready to go back, and I am not. Katie and Alex have to take pictures of Anna Grace's first day - I want to see!! Are you going to be teaching K again this year? And who is AG going to have this year?

Carrie said...

I am feeling a bit worried about MJ and school-I know your a teacher but I just feel like some teachers could care less and are only there for a pay check- and then some teachers with the amount of kids in the class if you can't keep up then you just out of luck- My bro is a teacher and say just let her go she'll be fine!

Julie said...

Omy my lord, I cannto believe that you have a senior! And that AG is starting K-5. Lily and Megan are as well. MA has one more year since she is a December b'day. I am ALREADY starting to get all teary about it.

How are you so calm?