Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pretty princesses

Dave's mom (AKA the new grandma) sent the girls new towels. They put them on immediately and have been playing princess all afternoon. It is cracking me up!

Okay, in way of explanation: Anna Grace met my parents first after she came home in 2004. She met Dave's parents a few months later. For some reason, she began to differentiate between the two sets of grandparents by calling them the "old grandma and grandpa" and the "new grandma and grandpa". To us, this is pretty funny! But my dad doesn't find it so amusing since he is the "old grandpa"!!


Michelle said...

Oh, that's cute!! But I guess it helps you guys know who she is referring to, right?

We have that princess towel, too!!

Happy 4th. to you all!!

Mary said...

Oh, those are CUTE towels! I have a feeling they won't be in the linen closet very much, but rather they will go straight from the dryer to the kiddos!

C&A said...

those are cute!