Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day Two

We woke up ready to hit the sand but rain interfered. Uncle Sean got the idea to head on down to the beach regardless because, after all, you are getting wet in the water anyhow. So off we went. This was our first sight:

Yes, the dreaded red flag warning. Beach patrol actually came by and said they recommended no kids go in the water because the water was so rough. The kids really didn't get in the water but did do some skimboarding and shell collecting.

Anna Grace and daddy

Abby and her shells

Uncle Sean and the girls

Spencer skimboarding

The two dads hanging together

We spent a little bit of time at the beach in the morning, came back for lunch and a bit of shopping before heading back in the afternoon. The weather cleared up enough for us to enjoy a few hours. We couldn't believe how strong and rough the waves were. The kids were in heaven! The grownups all decided we'd be sore the next day from being pummeled by the water. All in a good day's fun.

The downside was on the way back from the beach. I was driving the golf cart with some of the kids while others rode bikes. When I got to the driveway, the sprinkler system was on so I carefully avoided hitting a sprinkler. However, I didn't realize that the umbrella post was sticking out the side of the golf cart. I nailed my van big time. I have a nice scratch/dent in my van. Yeah for me. But at least it was my car and not my sister's or my dad's!!

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