Saturday, July 5, 2008

A lesson in guitar

Alex has been taking guitar now since February. His teacher is wonderful and lives in our neighborhood----actually comes to our house for lessons! Tonight the teacher was playing at a local restaurant/bar for a few sessions. Alex asked to go hear Mr. Ken so we had no qualms about taking him. What was interesting is that Mr. Ken's girlfriend made a comment to us that they were both excited we brought Alex because not many parents would take their teenager to a bar atmosphere to hear music. Man, we didn't think twice about it. It was a very nice, upscale restaurant in town----not your typical bar. Think coffeehouse type setting.

Katie danced competitive Irish dance for six years or more. I can't tell you how many Irish pubs that child danced in before the age of 12. Sad perhaps, but true! It so much the part of the Irish community! She and her friends loved dancing to the music. We did make comments (the parents did) that it's great to see our kids dance but strange it was in a pub. Anyhow, to take Alex to this restaurant was no biggie for us. He was, obviously, the only kid in the room but that was okay. He got a chance to hear what his teacher does at night, listened music he hasn't heard before (James Taylor, Eagles, Buffett, etc), and enjoyed some good food. He's actually heard it all before but tuned it out!

Katie stayed home with the girls although I know she would have enjoyed hearing him also. BUT, she won't "allow" me to get a babysitter for the girls. No one can watch them except us therefore she stayed home. Maybe another time. She took the girls to McDonalds to eat and play at the Playland instead. I know the little ones had fun!

Guess we won't win Parents of the Year but our kids will certainly be well-rounded and have a life full of great memories!


C&A said...

What happen to the dancing pictures? I would take my kids too-you have to get involved, you son will like that about you one day-he say My mom was cool when I was a kid! Thats what I say about my mom she was so cool and layed back but still made sure we were safe!

Kristin said...

Hee hee! Katie stopped dancing before I started this blog therefore.....there are no dance pictures. But I have tons I can show you one day!

Mary said...

Hey, Kristen! Very cool re: the guitar lessons! DH Neil went to Berklee College of Music (in Boston) prior to going to Florida State. Our daughter Lindsay plays the guitar as well (very well, I must brag!).
Now your son will be in charge of Christmas Carols every year! :-)

Denise said...

I think your a wonderful mother! You took the time to take Alex to hear his guitar teacher when I'm sure you could have come up with a whole list of other things to do.

I think its how your raised as to how you see "the bar" atmosphere. The one you went to sounds really laid back, no big deal. But I was raised Catholic where everyone drinks at parties. My husband was raised very conservative Christian, so when his mother found out that his oldest daughter was having a dance at her wedding, she was horrified!

I'm so glad that you all had a wonderful night-- the girls included!

Teresa =) said...

Kristin -

I admire your interest in your son's music! My parents did the same thing with my dad had a band (a way to make extra money with a factory job and 6 kids!) and my brother joined when he was 12 yrs old! (He's something of a musical prodigy.) Anyway, they played at bars and other non-child-friendly venues...I always thought it was cool they supported his talents that way!

I also think it's AWESOME that your daughter won't let the little ones go to a babysitter. I can see the love in your family through your blog!!

Teresa =)