Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rib night

Wow, three posts from me in one day! It's been a busy day. :-) Tonight was rib night. The girls LOVE ribs. Don't ask me why. They end up very dirty and very sticky. The rest of us like them too (except Katie) so we enjoy our rib nights. We just have to plan to do it when Katie isn't home. She's out at a party tonight with her boyfriend so we were okay. Whew.

Oh, and the girls have sippee lids on their cups because trying to hold a cup neatly with sticky, messy fingers is very challenging. They don't normally have lids!


Michelle said... have had a busy day! The ribs look yummy and I can see the little ones really enjoy them!

Abby's "I very miss you" must have melted your hubby's heart! How sweet!

Mary said...

I just have to tell you that you have been TAGGED! Read my blog to see what this is all about!