Saturday, July 12, 2008

Abby speaks...

Dave is heading to China on July 26 for 4-6 weeks (we're not sure yet of the return date). Anyhow, Abby just climbed up into Dave's lap and said:

"When you go to China tomorrow, I very miss you."

What a sweet baby.


Julie said...

I am CRACKING up at the latest posts! Sounds like our house. We sent Jane's "cribby" back to the babies this week since she climbed out and tore her toenail. Now they are sleeping together. It has been interesting to say the least and I have had to play "mean mommy" to make them go to sleep!

Perhaps we need a visit from the super nanny because I am sure that I am damaging their psychie or something!


C&A said...

oh it must totally suck for your hubby to leave for that long- I think I may be able to last a week but 4-6 that is so hard!

verna said...

How cute! I think Mya would be asking to go along to China. She already wants to know if she will get to go there some day. She is getting interested in all things Chinese. I bet your little one is not the only one who will miss daddy.