Friday, July 11, 2008

The Trial of the Summer

Well, the girls have been sleeping together for the past two weeks--pretty nicely, I must add. When I tried this before, Anna Grace was taking naps in Pre-K and could not fall asleep easily. Therefore, she kept Abby up way too late. It was a disaster.

Fast forward to summertime. Neither girl is taking a nap (see Abby's comments in the post below!) so are pretty worn out at bedtime. They've been going to bed really well.

So today I decided to officially move Abby out of her room to make that room a playroom. I left Abby's bed in the room but not on the bedframe so it wouldn't take up so much space. All the toys are now in the playroom; the girls only have beds, dressers, and bookshelves in their room. They were pretty excited. I love having all the toys in one space where I can close the door and not see the mess. :-)

I'm hoping that once school starts the good sleeping habits will continue. With Anna Grace starting kindergarten, she'll have a short rest time daily (25 minutes or so) but I doubt she'll fall asleep. That should still make for a good bedtiime for her. Keep your fingers crossed!


:-) said...

Hey Kristin!
I was catching up on your blog! Glad to see you guys are having a good summer! Hey- Calum wont nap during the day either so I'm there with you! ha ha
By the way- has anyone ever told Katie that she looks like the actress Brittany Snow? I just saw a picture of her in a magazine and they could be twins! :)
3 weeks until school :(

C&A said...

we do this with our kids-beds only and the have a 700 square feet of play room!

Michelle said...

I didn't realize that Anna Grace is 5 already and will be starting K!!

That is nice that they are in the same room and that you are able to have a toy room. My little ones are in the same room, too....MINE! LOL!

Have a great week-end, Kristen!

verna said...

Love your blog. Danielle does such a nice job. Sounds like a wonderful summer!! I'd like to take time off from work, again. We had the kids in the same room for a bit too but when one woke, the other woke. So, now they are in different rooms and that goes a bit better.