Saturday, July 12, 2008

A phone call from Anna Grace

Katie and I went shopping today about an hour from home so she could hit the Polo outlet for new clothes. While we were there, I had called home to ask Dave about shirt sizes since I found some things for him. No one was home so I tried his cell as well as Alex's. No one answered anywhere so I gave up. A little while later, my phone rings with the Caller ID stating "Dave's cell". Cool. Figured he'd seen my missed call. So I answer and to my surprise, it's Anna Grace. We chatted for a bit. Turns out they'd been to the pool which is why no one answered the phones. I asked her where daddy was; she said in the shower. Okay, no big deal. Who helped you call me? Alex did. So I ask to speak to Alex so I can at least pass along a message. But no, Abby has to talk next. I chat with her for a bit and then said to go get Alex. While the girls go looking for him, someone hangs up the phone. Can't say I'm surprised as it's a BlackBerry so they can easily hang up.

I reach Alex on his phone and told him I'd just talked with the girls and wondered if dad was out of the shower yet. He had no clue Dave was in the shower nor that I had talked with the girls. Hmmmm. What's the deal??

All we can figure is the girls were playing with daddy's phone (as there are new photos on the phone of the desk where it was supposed to be sitting!!) and somehow pushed call return or something. Thinking back, Anna Grace was a bit surprised I was on the phone with her so I don't think she expected a real person.

We're just thankful I was the last person who called and not one of Dave's business associates in Hong Kong. I'm sure they would not have appreciated being woken up at midnight by a 4 year old!!

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C&A said...

OH I bet if you sent the cutie's pic he wouldn't have minded-I have had such a wonderful out pour of Women and men that are Chinese tell me thank you and how we are doing a good job- I hope so- I am trying to be a good yet firm parent-I was also told not to baby her to much?hehehehe