Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day Three

Today (Monday) was a total beach day! We hauled all our stuff down there for the day. Karen and Sean have a golf cart that they use to carry everything to the beach or pool. Whoever sits in the back pulls the rolling cart off the back of the golf cart, the top is loaded with chairs, skimboards, and boogie boards, and stuff is piled everywhere. They joke about looking like the Beverly Hillbillies when making the drive to the beach!

The little ones were happy playing in the sand, wading to their ankles, or being hauled out to sea by an adult. The big kids and adults kept busy boogie boarding, tubing, skimboarding, or jumping the waves. We had a great time!!

Alex sitting with Abby while everyone else is in the water. Someone had to do it!

Karen trying skimboarding----she was much braver than I!

After a day in the sun, we headed back to the house for dinner. We were supposed to take family pictures on Sunday but cancelled due to the rain. So, tonight was picture night. We only did a few of the family. Most of the evening was for Katie's senior pictures. I'll add those photos in another posting.

A full kitchen!

My dad (Grandpa)

My mom (Grandma)

Karen and Spencer

This final video is of Anna Grace tubing in the waves. She was initially unsure but grew to really love it. In fact, she and Abby spent lots of time in the tubes on Tuesday but I didn't have the camera with me. :-)

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