Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Texting teens

Katie got up for work yesterday and asked if I'd heard she and Alex the night before. Ah no, should I? Turns out they had both gone to their rooms at 10ish (separate floors----Alex's room is the "guest room" on the first floor; the rest of us are upstairs). They started texting each other which continued for a long time. Around midnight, they decided to meet in the kitchen for a snack. I am so glad we have unlimited texting or that whole thing would have cost a fortune!!!

But, most of all, I am glad they are talking to each other and choosing to hang out--even for a little bit. That's more important to me.


Michelle said...

That texting about kills me every month! I just can't get why the teens can't "talk" on their phones. No matter how many minutes I pay for...my daughter goes over. I have the option turned off on my son's phone until he is a little older. I am such a meanie. LOL!

How nice that your teens get along well with each other. Mine do not enjoy one another's company...at all. Very different personalities.

have a great week, Kristen!!!

The Hams said...

I loved reading this! It's so good that they are actually "friends" as well as brother and sister!
My sister and I moved to a new school when I was in 7th grade and she was in 9th grade. At that age, we were hardly ever "friends," but not knowing anyone else, the move brought us closer. Rather than passing notes in the hall to the new friends we were supposed to be making, we wrote to each other two and three times a day! We passed our notes back and forth as we passed in the halls between classes. It is still something that I remember with a smile and I will cherish those memories forever! It's great that they will be able to look back and remember that night!

C&A said...

I need to get that unlimited tex -wow Maybe I'll tex Aaron to get me a cup of water tonight and see what he does-hehehhe

Teresa =) said...

That is so sweet! Actually, since Meggie just got her first cell phone, she's been texting ME a lot! While I find texting to be an utter pain in the -- you know what -- I don't so much mind when the text says something like, "Luv u mom."

Teresa =)

Stephanie said...

My husband and I were having this discussion last night. Our kids NEVER talk on the phone or even email anymore. They text. Our daughter said she stayed up late "talking" to her friend. We got excited until she corrected herself to say well...texting. We asked why and she says that you can say what you really want in a text and it's easier to "talk" to someone through texting.

I disagree I think it is eaier and FASTER to just talk on the actual cell phone. I am sure one day they will sell only internet and texting phones and all the "oldies" will have the phone or talking option. HA!

Stephanie said...
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