Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day Four

Today (Tuesday) was our last day in NC. We spent the entire day at the beach. Our neighbors from home were actually in the area today visiting family so came to hang out for the day. The kids and adults all had a great time! There are no beach pictures today because I didn't bring my camera. It seemed whenever I did, I didn't take any pictures--so why bother?? Here are a few photos from back at the house.

Karen after dinner on our last night

Sean and Abby playing together

Dave enjoying time with the family

Katie and Anna Grace

The cousins

The weird thing is that my sister and I both woke up today (Wednesday) with swollen lower lips. We were the only ones in the house to have this affliction. We are wondering if it was due to too much sun/not enough chapstick or an issue with too much salt water. Very strange. She is feeling better now but my lip is still swollen (the kids keep laughing at me) and is sore. I can't stretch my lips to smile. :-)

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C&A said...

Glad all is well-looks like such fun!