Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wow. What a week!!

Okay, a few highlights from the week. Sorry there are no pictures right now. Life is too busy.

*While I took Anna Grace to a party last weekend, Katie and Catlan took Abby shopping. They came home with lots of new treasures including new hair bows, nail polish, and lots of girly stuff. :-) A clue for later: remember the polish that was purchased.

*When they were shopping, Abby got a balloon. Well, when both girls were together, Anna Grace decided to release the balloon from the weight we had tied to it so it floated to the second floor. We have a two story family room. Great. So Katie got a broom and swiped it down somehow. Yeah for Katie. I had already turned off the fan so that wouldn't be an issue. Had that problem once before-----a balloon on a ribbon being stuck in the fan. Not good. A story for another day!

*The beautiful hot pink nail polish was somehow opened by a little girl. Katie did not know this and picked it up to shake it. This caused it to be splattered across the hardwood floors and table. Eeek!!! Panic set in. We got it off the floor with little damage visible. I haven't truly started working on the few dots on the table so am not going to worry about it.

*Hmm, what else? Oh, the lawn mower broke right after Dave left for China. Fortunately, our good friends Brian and Christy came by to help Alex fix it. Brian is so good about coming over to help when Dave is out of town. Yeah for good friends!!!! We've also tried to replace the wheels but things are not totally kosher. But at least the grass is being cut---somewhat. And, hey, a mower breaking is nothing compared to the AC in the house and transmission in the car going out last time he was gone!!

*The girls have made a good transition back to school. On the first day, both came flying into my arms. By Friday, it was less so. That tells me they are settling back into the routine. Both were busy little girls all week which made bedtime so much easier. :-)

*Abby's face is broken out a bit. We aren't sure why. Her teacher noticed it on Wednesday. There was nothing new in her diet so we thought perhaps it was something she was touching. So I brought home her daycare naptime sheets to wash in our laundry to see if that will help. Then Katie reminded me today that's how she looked when we first met. After a few days of having her, it cleared up. This made me think it was stress related. So now I wonder if she is stressed with the start of school and daddy being gone. Mommy doesn't put up with much so I often think she is muttering under her breath about that mean old lady and where is my nice daddy??

*One morning this week, Katie accidentally opened the door and set off the alarm---immediately. There was no warning. So we're both trying, on opposite floors, to turn it off. We negated each other. Finally, we got it turned off. Thank heavens 4 out of 5 of us were already awake. Alex can just deal!

*I headed back to school this week and am getting prepared for Wednesday, our first day. Get this: I have two sets of twins in my room! Neither set is identical, thank heavens. I had that last year. Whew, that was hard!! The girls and I went in today for a few hours. They had a grand time playing with all my stuff but weren't that great about cleaning it up. Are you surprised??

*Our first day of school is the 6th. I hope to post an update that night telling you how everyone did. This should include pictures of at least the little ones. Abby is moving up to Pre-3, Anna Grace will be in kindergarten, Alex will be a freshman, and Katie will be a senior.

*What a year for changes!! I am sure there will be many more to come.


Teresa =) said...

Yikes!! Your school years starts awfully early! Meggie and Carson don't start until September 2nd!!

I have your luck as well. When did our carbon monoxide monitor go off? When did our alarm system trip in the middle of the night? You guessed it...while Daddy was on a business trip. Good thing we're strong and independent women, huh?!

Good luck with all your transitions!!

Teresa =)

Carrie said...

You are so much more busy then me!

Bella's momma said...

You have a stunning family!


Krista @bit&pieces

Michelle said...

Wow, guys have been busy! I am glad the girl's first day went well!! I hope your first day goes well, also!! Look forward to hearing about it.

Have a great week!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I found you through Danielle's blog. What a gorgeous family you have - loved those photos from the beach! And I'm sorry to hear about the nail polish. Those types of stunts seem to be a weekly occurrence around here. And I only have one child! Must be my parenting...