Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weeding beats swimming??

We mentioned to the girls that we had weeding to do today. The agreement was we would pull weeds, get all sweaty, and go to the pool. Good deal, huh? Well, we ended up at a meeting at church most of the morning, had lunch, and mommy took a nap. By the time I got up and we went to buy groceries, it was pretty late in the afternoon. Anna Grace had already had a screaming fit because she wanted to pull weeds. We ended up telling them that we only had time to either pull weeds or go swimming. You'll never believe what they chose: WEEDING!! Why?? I have no idea. But they were so excited to go outside and pull weeds. Here are a few pictures. None are very great because they wouldn't stop moving long enough. Guess we'll try swimming tomorrow instead. What weird kids!


Carrie said...

MJ and all the kids love to do yard work-I always thought it was due to the swimming afterwards or running away for the hose as Mommy sneaks up on them! I will have to try that one on them and see what they say!

Denise said...


You just send those girls my way. I'll keep them busy with some weeding!