Thursday, August 28, 2008

Such a Sassy Girl!

Oh my gosh. Anna Grace sassed the principal today. Can you believe it? Here is the story.

A little background: my principal, Julie, is a good friend of mine. We've been friends for 9 years or more and through two schools. Right after Anna Grace's referral, we went to Nashville together for a girls weekend along with Katie and her best friend at the time. We picked out lots of cutesy girl clothes for AG! So Anna Grace has known her for four years now. We've hung out together, been to soccer games together, traded kids when needed, etc. I have had the same experience with one of my students. I've known her since she was a baby also. It's not a problem at all but makes the whole experience different.

Fast forward to today. Julie was making rounds today and stopped by Anna Grace's room to see what they were doing. She is a very hands on principal---as much as time allows. Anyhow, she checked out the kids reading centers and what they were learning. Anna Grace willingly shared what the activity was they were working on and how it correlated to the letter of the week, etc. Julie made small talk and moved on to the next group. She chatted with them for a bit when she heard,

"Ms. Julie! Ms. Julie!"

She looked back and saw AG with her hand raised.

"Yes, Anna Grace?"

"Shhh." says Anna Grace.

"Do you want me to be quiet?" asks Julie.

"Yes." says AG.


"I can't.." but she lost her thought process or couldn't find the words.

Julie said, "You can't do your work?"

"No," says Anna Grace.

"Okay, then I'll leave," says Julie.

Julie then came and found me outside at recess to tell me that my child told her to hush! No, she wasn't mad but rather amused. However, in my opinion, the child was sassy!

Leave it to MY child to sass off to the principal.

Note: The kids in the school do not all call the principal Ms. Julie. Anna Grace always has so it's been hard to break that habit. She would come visit me after Pre-K and head to Ms. Julie's office for candy. :-)


Denise said...

Oh dear! Don't you love it when your kids do something like that! At least Julie wasn't upset about it, even if you were!


The Hams said...

Having worked there, this story cracks me up....Out of the mouths of babes (or Anna Grace!)

Michelle said...

That's a cute story! Gotta love her for her honesty!!!!

Have a great week-end, Kristin!!

Carrie said...

Miss M told the OT lady NO and the OT lady said what she said NO I NO DO IT! I almost came unglued. But At least the OT lady knows how to handle kids and was like oh yes you will-At least Miss M is talking Right???? In OT I can not talk to Miss M I can only sit there in the corner and pretend to not be there-It is so funny when you think about it but not cool really. I see a lot of Sassy in MJ since Day one!Thats my girl!!!

jiangxigirls said...

How cute! Olivia is going to have this problem with a teacher at her school if she ever has her in class.