Friday, August 8, 2008

Panic Central

Last night, I put the girls to bed and hung out in the hallway for a little bit like always to be sure they would both settle down. I left for a moment to get a piece of pizza but came right back upstairs. Katie and I sat outside their room talking for a bit. Within a few minutes, things were quiet so I headed downstairs.

Less than an hour later, I went to bed. I checked on the girls like usual. Abby was sound asleep in her bed; Anna Grace was no where to be seen. I checked her floor. Nope, not there. Checked my bed, my floor, Katie's bed, but she wasn't there. Then I started to panic. I called Katie up to help me. We checked closets, under the beds, bathrooms, etc. By now, Katie was worried and told Alex to start searching downstairs. There was no way she could have gotten out of the house and no way someone could have come in, but we had no idea where she was.

I checked the playroom once again but didn't see her. Ah ha---it hit me. I picked up the princess tent and there she was, fast asleep. That little turkey had gone into the playroom with her pillow and friends to sleep in the tent.

I told the kids I'd found her so to call off the search. Katie then proceeded to tell me to put Anna Grace into her bed (Katie's) for the night so we would know she was safe. Katie wouldn't even leave her room to call her boyfriend for fear she would disappear again.

When I woke up Anna Grace today, she was very puzzled as to why she was in Katie's room. I took her to get dressed and asked her about bedtime last night. She smiled, giggled, and said, "I went to sleep in the tent, Mommy."

At least now I know where to look the next time I can't find her. Whew.


Carrie said...

My little guy does that sorta stuff alot-He hid in my laundry cart-I was so scard I was freaking out and finally when I started to cry and call my husband he came out and said Mommy I right here-this was like three weeks ago-even my husband couldn't believe he hid like that? what some 3 year olds will do to drive their Mother crazy!@!!

Michelle said...

Oh, that must have given you all a real scare! These are the kind of things that give us more gray hair than we should have. lol! Glad you found her safe in her tent!

Have a wonderful week-end, Kristin!!

Mei Mei Journal said...

Lindsay did that when she was little. Greg was away and I actually called the police when I couldn't find her. They searched the whole house and agreed she wasn't there, either. Fortunately I spotted her curled up behind a laundry basket before they issued an alert.

Mary said...

Oh, my. I can't imagine! Thank goodness your little pip-squeak is safe and sound! :-)