Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome home Daddy!

Dave arrived home safe and sound yesterday. I ended up taking the girls with me to the airport against Alex's wishes. I just worried that they would end up mad that they didn't get to go to the airport---which they like to do. Unfortunately, I had to make up an excuse to take them in the car. So I said we were going shopping and doing something fun. Anna Grace was not very excited to find out she was not going to be able to spend her money but was going to the airport instead. "I don't want to get daddy. I want to go shopping." Geesh. But she snapped out of it shortly after Dave appeared. AND, she slept in her own bed all last night. Yes!

He's taking them both to school tomorrow so he can see their new rooms. We'll be glad to return to some semblance of a routine. Anna Grace has been SO tired lately since beginning school that we've had many trying days. Today was one of them. We had to leave Mass early today. We've never done that before. But we left. I couldn't take it anymore. I came home and went to bed. I didn't feel a whole lot better when I woke up but at least I had a little bit of peace. Poor daddy is still on a weird schedule but held down the fort. Yeah for daddy.

I hope things will improve as time passes. No pictures right now but perhaps soon!


Ashley and Mike said...

How nice that Hubs came home! I bet that you are just starting to get a little worn out from doing everything on your own. Hopefully this week will be a great one.


Denise said...

Kindergarten was so hard for my oldest son, Trace. He had afternoon kindergarten and he really still needed a nap. There were some days I would pick him up from after school care around 5:00 and he would fall asleep on the way home and sleep all night. I felt so badly for him; he was so tired!

By 1st grade he was better, except that the first day of school he told me he hated 1st grade because they didn't have snack and it was too long and he was quitting school. Let's just say the next 12 years didn't get much better!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Dave! Glad as everyone is for his return, it's another shift in routine and on top of going-back-to-school and new-rooms, so I would be proud of the adjustment so and certain it'll continue to get better.

jiangxigirls said...

Glad Dave made it home safely! Hope this week is better!