Monday, August 25, 2008

Van update

My van is fixed---yeah for us! Throughout the summer, when I would stop at times, the van would "thump" into first gear. We knew that was not normal but no lights ever came on. The garage techs told me that if we brought it in, they could perhaps still see the issue on the computer. But we never did that. There is no telling if they would have been able to figure out the issue was this sensor/switch thing that went bad. In any case, since driving it just a few times today, I haven't had that same "thumping" thing when stopping. I am SO hoping it's fixed for good now.

When the garage called Dave today, they mentioned we were over due for an oil change. But that's at the garage recommendation of every 3K miles; we tend to wait a bit longer. Dave told them to not worry about it--we'd just take care of it later. We were more worried about having the van back today!

I picked it up around 4:30 today. One of the managers gave me my keys and said they had changed the oil anyhow to save us a trip back and more inconvenience. There was no charge. We were not charged for that, nor the towing, nor the replacement part. I knew fixing the transmission was under warranty but expected to pay for towing. The fact they changed my oil for free to save us a trip back was really nice. This is the same garage that gives us the "Good Catholic discount" when we have major stuff done. The owner goes to church with us. :-)

Keep your fingers crossed that our transmission issues are behind us!!


Ashley and Mike said...

Yikes! Personally, I hate your van for you even though you seem to have an affection for it :) My first suv was the same way and I kept defending it. As someone that personally experienced it, it actually doesn't get better when the car is paid off. Still have the suv and it works better than it ever did when it was new - but there is no horn anymore and never will be due to a freak horn blowing experience with mhy hubs driving in his uniform (ha ha have to laugh at that one) and because they had to permanently disable the horn I will always have a permanent service light on. Oh and I have had at least 2 computer chips, transmission work, etc. etc. It definately took the old broad a long time to break in. Hopefully you will fair better than I with your love for your vehicle!

Carrie said...

girl I will pray for you-

Michelle said...

Oh, yay! So glad you have your car back and how nice of them not to charge you for the oil change...that type of thing is rare these days. Good for them!!

Have a great day, Kristin!!

Julie said...

Yea! Fingers crossed!