Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Anna Grace!!

Anna Grace turned 5 today! She was so excited. The first words out of her mouth when she woke up today (in my bed) was, "Am I five?" Yes, we are back to having sleep issues. I chalk it up to daddy being gone and school starting. In fact, around 5:30 this morning, she was (asleep) in my bed but sobbing. She was crying out for mommy. I think that although school is going fine, she is still having issues not seeing me especially since she knows I am right around the corner.

Anyhow, she got up and was begging to open her presents. I told her she had to wait until Katie and Alex were awake. I gave them until 9am when I sent the girls in to wake them both up. So at 9:05 she was opening presents in her jammies. We kept things simple with Hello Kitty stick on earrings, water bottles, and coloring books, as well as hair bows, a Dora movie, and the game of Trouble. Daddy missed her birthday since he is still in China. So the little stinker asked today if she would get another birthday and presents from daddy since he wasn't here. Geesh!

We did cake after dinner. Katie's boyfriend came over since AG adores him. She spent some time torturing him with Hello Kitty stuff--poor guy. He is ever so patient with the girls though. :-)

I just wasn't up for a big party with lots of little kids. I know I need to do that eventually but it wasn't in the cards this year. Having an August birthday is hard. You've just gone back to school so don't know anyone in your class. We could invite last years kids but that gets hard too. I'll get it together one of these years! Anna Grace did bring in popsicles to share with her class on Friday. When I saw her after school while waiting for the daycare bus, her lips were blue. She obviously loved her popsicle!


Ashley and Mike said...

Happy Birthday Little Birthday Girl. Hope you had a special day. Can't wait for us to meet one day and I have a new little friend for you :)


Mei Mei Journal said...

Happy 5th birthday Anna Grace! Your cakes looks yummy.
Lauren & Paige

Julie said...

Happy Birthday AG!!! WE LOVE stick on earrings around here!

The Hams said...

Happy Birthday Anna Grace!! I remember meeting her for the first time 3 years ago, Wow - it goes by so fast!!

Carrie said...

Happy birthday Anna Grace!

Denise said...

My Julia's birthday is in June so we know all too well the struggle of summer birthdays! A couple of years we have actually had them in May, a full month before her birthday.