Saturday, December 6, 2008

Such a Saturday

Saturday arrives. Yes! We can sleep past our usual 5:30 am alarm and little girls wake up call at 6:20.

6:20 am: We failed to pass along the correct information to the little ones. At 6:20, they were up and playing in the hallway instead of sleeping. The wrath of mom occurred which sent them back to playing behind closed doors. Fortunately, they managed to play pretty well for another hour or so. But they did keep checking to see if I was still in bed or already in the kitchen (ie: it's breakfast time!).

7:50 am: Breakfast. Cereal, cereal, or cereal? What’s your choice? Cheerios, Rice Krispies, or Lucky Charms?

8:30 am: Into the office to try and fix the “White Screen of Death” on the kids computer. Almost an hour later, no such luck yet. But at least everything important is saved to the external drive. I hope.

9:35 am: I started trying to kick the teens out of bed in anticipation of the exterminator's arrival at 10:30. I suspected Orman, the bug guy, may arrive sooner than expected so started early on getting the kids on their feet. The rousing didn’t go very well. It took lots of sly work on the part of mom to get them moving. Finally, the only thing that worked was the sound of the doorbell 45 minutes early. Eeek!

Poor Orman. He saw all of us in our jammies and had the superb experience of the little girls following him from room to room telling him what to do. He’s been with us for 11 years though so he’s fine with it. Whew.

10:45 am: Showers and shedding of jammies came next and was completed in short time---after all, they are short people. Mommy headed out to BJ’s to restock the supply of food which was sorely needed.

12:30 pm: After stocking the pantry, freezer, and fridge,

I turned to see the silliness in my kitchen.

Yes, this is why I go to superstores. For the fun of playing with and squishing boxes. Oh, and the girls dressed themselves as twins today. Good luck guessing who is who!!

12:58 pm: Alex and I left for a 1:00 hair appointment. Hmm. Think we’ll be late? He was not too thrilled to be under the knife scissors but managed to survive. I think he looks much better but he does not seem to agree with me. After several takes, these are the best I got.

What a son.

1:45 pm: After a quick lunch, the girls and I headed for the library. Katie grudgingly graciously went with me so I’d have the chance to choose some books without assistance from short people. I headed off with my handy dandy author list from my Calling All Readers post. I was so excited!

I had picked up five books when I realized there is no way I’ll finish all these in the next two weeks AND teach kindergarten each day. Well, I can’t just call in sick so I guess I’ll be renewing to enjoy over Christmas. I wanted to get more but reality kicked in. I’ll get as far as I can in the next two weeks, renew, and get more for the holidays.

3:00 pm: After returning home, I spent time on my promise to Meggie for her art project. Meggie? I don’t have any kids named that, do I? Let me check.


Hee hee. Meggie is Teresa’s daughter and is currently involved in an art project in which she is looking for pictures of children from China. If you are interested in sharing pics of your kids, please check out Meggie’s post on her mom's blog! It's dated December 5 and called, "Help for the Teenager".

4:00 pm: Whew. Pictures sent to Meggie. Time to sit and read one of my new books. I sat for about five minutes when I realized I had promised the kids cookies today.

4:20 pm: Cookies are started. Can you smell them baking? Sniff, sniff. Try harder. Now can you smell them?

5:20 pm: Kitchen is cleaned up and ready for dinner. Steak and potatoes tonight. Can’t wait!! Daddy needs to hurry.....

5:40 pm: The soldier arrives home. Did he play nice on his first day of school?

Nah, not really school but the first day back on the job as a Major of Field Artillery for the US Army.

Don’t you just love a man in uniform? Or is it just me??

6:00 pm: Search Katie's car for her missing camera. Hmm. No camera but lots of other stuff.

She must have a secret stash of food that I don't know about. What I don't understand is the Irish dance shoe in the backseat. She has not danced in several years. Oh yes, it was for an art project a few weeks ago. Gee, do you think it's time to clean out the car? Oh, and by the way, the camera wasn't there.

6:40 pm: Dinner is served.

Darn it, forgot to get a picture of the steak. Gee, it was good!

8:00 pm: Fire is started and sparkling in the fireplace.

8:30 pm: Stories are read, girls are in bed and surprisingly quiet.

9:30 pm: Fingers are crossed for a calm evening and great day tomorrow!!

I will leave you with this lovely portrait of Katie and Alex. They decided to play Jingle Bells with their nose-blowing this morning. Be thankful I don’t have it on video.

Be very thankful.


Denise said...

Sounds like you had a busy, entertaining day. I would love to hear that Jingle Bells version...

Alex, I know you must secretly read your mother's blog so this is to you: Great haircut, lovely poses.

Margaret Miracle said...

Your Saturday was much more eventful than mine. Let me know which book is your favorite!

The nose blowing singing could me award winning. That may need to be on video to trully be appreciated.

Carrie said...

I love going to Sam's to buy in bulk you have to with lot's of kids! love the photo's!

Kim said...

Great post! I still don't know why we buy toys for kids. They always enjoy the boxes the best. Love the photos of your son's funny! I'm with everyone else on this need to capture the singing noses on video :-)

JShannon said...

Hey, were you in my car taking pictures again? lol.
Wow, your vehicle looks just like mine.

Kristin said...

Both big kids just read this after dinner tonight. Hee hee! Alex didn't care about his pictures that I posted but then spent time reading the rest of the blog to see what else I posted about him. Katie didn't like the photos of her car but I did catch her giggling as she was reading.

Both freaked about the "Jingle Bell" picture. I knew they would.

What else are moms for??

My Heart Beats In China said...

And I thought my days are full! You should get an award my friend. I love the refrigerator all stocked up and those cookies are so tempting, yes I can smell them! But yes we can save mucho dollars by purchasing boxes, crates and other non-toy items that seem to be more entertaining. I have a huge empty box that Kira plays with and will push her Elmo around in for hours. Her toys...sitting in a pack and play in the corner! The cupboards are much more fun!

Funny post!


My Heart Beats In China said...

Forgot to mention that for great mysteries with a real twist have you tried Harlan Coban's books?

Also, when in your busy day do you find time to read?

I bought 8 books that are sitting here begging to be read, some on your list and then...I see my computer and well my blogging takes priority.

Ah the books will be here, watching Kira's daily antics are a novel in the making!