Thursday, December 11, 2008

Show Me The Light


Here is my tale of woe from today. Be thankful you were not me today. Really.

We were happily chugging along in our reading centers this morning when


Out went the lights. Now, I realize it was raining outside but I couldn’t imagine it would cause a power outage. We stayed at our activities for a bit in hopes the power would return.

No such luck. Since part of our centers this week involve the computer and listening to a story on tape, we had to move to Plan B. We read books, did writing journals, and finished our gingerbread man activity all while using our only light source: the door leading outside. Keep in mind it was raining so not sunny. Yes. Still pretty dark in the room.

Upon further investigation, I was told that a transformer had blown nearby so we’d be without power for an hour.

Two hours later, we headed for lunch in the dark.

About this time, I realized I had planned on reheating my quesadillas for lunch. With no power, there was no microwave. With no microwave, there was no lunch.

I had to eat school lunch today for the first time in five years.


During lunch, we regained power but the tone was already set for the day.

Do you know how challenging it is to teach kindergarten in the dark?

I do.

And don’t want to do it again!


Donna said...

Ewwww...I must ask, what delicacy did you have for lunch? lol...
To get through a day teaching K kids in the dark, you deserve some major veg out time tonight...and, some chocolate.

Kristin said...

Ham and cheese wrap, lukewarm mac and cheese, cold green beans, and a banana. Yeah me.

But without power, how can the cafeteria make food??

What a day....I am going to bed early!!!

Kim said...

Power outage + Santa coming to town = kids swings from the ceiling lights.

Go to bed girl, you deserve it!

Hope tomorrow makes a better day.

Margaret Miracle said...

I hate our school cafeteria too. I really hate when we get put on lock down which is more frequent these days. Sitting in the dark with doors locked and closed, scared kids that you have to keep quiet! Hope you have a better day tomorrow. It is snowing here so we may get a snow day....bring on the flakes...this speech therapist needs a break!

Kate said...

Now I have taught a 9th grade computer class and an 8th grade math/English class without power before and it was challenging but kudos to you girlfriend because Kindergarten teachers deserve medals for what they do under normal circumstances! I hope you got an extra delicious dinner tonight to make up for your lunch!

Denise said...

I am so very, very sorry! I can't imagine being in the dark with a room full of kindergarteners! I don't remember if I told you that I spent on semester as a teacher's assistant for a Pre-K class. What a nightmare!!! I think about what it would have been like for 2 hours in the dark with my old class... Girl you deserve a trip to the SPA!

And that nasty lunch. You deserve lunch at the spa too!