Friday, December 12, 2008


Our day began as any other day. Showers, getting dressed, eating, leaving for school. My hope was not to repeat the day yesterday and have a normal day.

When I picked up the girls today, Abby immediately asked to listen to Rudolph.

This morning when I dropped her off at school, that’s what was playing on the radio. Little people don’t understand that the radio is not the same thing as a CD. Mommy just can't make the radio people play the songs you want! I'm not that powerful.

However, when I arrived home with the girls today and was gathering mail from the mailbox, guess what came on the radio?

Talk about excitement! But then I was stuck sitting in the van in the garage on so we could hear the whole song. Yeah me.

I noticed while getting the mail that the

was gone from the curb. Well, how amazing. Maybe Dave did it before going to work? No. The garbage truck was not in the neighborhood before we left this morning.

That means only one thing. One of the minions Alex amazingly put it away. Wow.

Then I got in the house and saw the “turn on the dishwasher” sign on the door like we’ve had before.

Guess what? It was clean AND unloaded. Go teens! Way to win some mom points!

When I mentioned it to Katie, she said, “Well, we’re scared of you now, Mom”

Fear is good, my child. Fear is good.


I received an email tonight from Tracy, Katie’s boyfriend’s mom (did you follow that??). Anyhow, Katie completed an art project based around Catlan’s pitching and uniform. I never saw the final project-----and then she gave it to Cat so I really never saw it! But Tracy sent me a picture tonight. She wants to have it framed for him. Isn’t it cool??

Proud mom bragging.


Denise said...

I'm so glad your day was so much better! Just think, only 5 more days! Do you get 2 weeks off like my kids get here?

Yes, I've always said that a little fear in your children is a healthy thing. You gotta have something to pull out of your back pocket when you need it. I used to be able to discipline my boys with a "look" but I seem to have softened a bit. The look doesn't get the results it used to. According to the boys I used to be meaner. A LOT meaner!

Katie did an amazing job on that drawing! It was very sweet of Cat's mom to send you a photo!

Margaret Miracle said...

Sounds so much better than yesterday. The drawing is amazing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

day by day said...

Wow...Katie is a great artist...very talented!!

Hey, how did you get your teens afraid of you? Please share!!! lol!

Have a great week-end!!