Thursday, December 18, 2008

If You Give a Girl a Cookie......

If you give a girl a cookie

she’ll probably ask to frost it.

After it’s frosted,

she’ll want to add sprinkles.

When it’s done,

it will look like this

And even though mom said no snacks,

chances are, she will eat it.

Once she’s finished,

she’ll want to read a Christmas book

if she can force mom to play along.

Once books are done,

she’ll probably want to watch a movie

even though she watched it today at school.

During the movie, she’ll ask for popcorn.

Mom will say no since we haven’t had dinner.

Dinner, she says? I want egg rolls, not steak.

When dinner is done, it reminds her that it’s time for a treat.

What treat? Ice cream, candy, cookies, fruit?

No fruit today, mom. I want a cookie.

And chances are if she asks for a cookie,

she’ll want to decorate it.

Does mom have the strength to do it again?

Can you identify the inspiration?? I own the whole series!


Denise said...

Since you clued me in I won't guess. How cute! That steak looks yummy. The cookies look yummy too, sprinkles and all!

day by day said...

Very Cute! We love that series, also!! : )

Ashley and Mike said...

I love the Polar Express. It is my all time favorite holiday movie and I love watching it with my minnie mr. I am so jealous that you watched it tonight. My hiney was at the Tar-J doing some last minute Santa shopping. Oh, and eating some popcorn---gotta get over that popcorn. If the smell didn't hit you as soon as you walked in...its killin' me :)

Donna said...

So do we! Love those're so clever with your posts, I do well just to get the facts down, maam.
And, about shopping's called necessity! The kids still had presents to buy for us/each other and they needed a ride. :) I was able to finish shopping for dear hubby!

Kate said...

Love it! We have read those books over and over and over here! She's got it right... leave the pancakes and muffins for the animals and head straight to the sprinkled, frosted cookies!

Carey said...

I was having deva vu reading your post. Sounds like yesterday at our house (well, without the steak because I'm a vegetarian). Is that "If you give a mouse a cookie..." series? We don't have any but they sound cute...

Dawn said...

That is such a cute post! I bet the girls are having so much fun making and eating the cookies! You are a great mom!!

Laura L. said...

How are you? Oh I am not liking this "being to busy to thoroughly check out the blogs." I'm here catching up.
I'd love to bake cookies, but we've barely had time of late. Ridiculous!
Maybe I should just do holiday baking in Nov. and freeze.
I'm glad at least someone is decorating cookies. Could you stop by here with some of that goodness?? :)

Carrie said...

no I would like the steak please-well maybe a cookie on the side would be ok!

Sharon said...

Such a great post!!!! You are an amazing mommy!!!!!

Kim said...

Too cute!! I love this series of books! I want to write one about, "When you send a child to college he'll ask for..."

The Hams said...

Too stinking cute Kristin!

Ivy said...

The first two posts had me rolling! Very creative! However, regarding the MIA toilet paper...always a mystery in our house too.

I can only imagine what will happen to the TP once K starts using it. She already goes through paper towels like cookies:))

Yummy speaking of cookies, yep, if you give a girl a cookie, especially this girl, she has to have 2 and one waiting for breakfast!

Very cute,

Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family.