Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Girls Party....Blonde???

What? Do I have you very confused?

Such is the story of my life. I am perpetually confused. Probably because I try to carry on four conversations all at once so miss most of each one. I used to pride myself on never forgetting anything. However, when I miss most of the conversation, it’s quite easy to forget something.

Today Anna Grace attended a birthday party for a girl in her after school class. One she has been with at daycare for several years. It’s also the first party where Moms Were Not Allowed by order of the birthday child. Gee, turning six makes you pretty grown up! Sounds like something AG would do too!!!!!

The party was held at the home of our daycare’s former curriculum director. She left to pursue further higher education (go Ms Kathi!!). But she also does scrapbooking stuff. So the girls had a grand time stamping, gluing, and writing. All things little big girls love to do!

Anna Grace came home with a huge bag of essentials to continue creating projects here at home. Thanks Ms Kara and Ms Kathi! All my hard work of hiding markers, scissors, and glue are down the drain. (hee hee!)

In other news, Katie returned to the salon today to try and gain her blondeness back. If you remember, she accidentally dyed her hair orange strawberry blonde but had it color corrected to a light brown. Although it looked good, it was not the Katie we are used to. Her roots may be a light brown but her overall color has always been a sun-kissed blonde.

So, off she went to the salon to try again. Here are the results. She looks great!!! Back to the Katie I am used to seeing.

Katie is now off seeing her boyfriend, Alex is hanging with a neighbor, and little girls are in bed. Dave and I are sitting here in front of the fireplace watching TV/blogging and enjoying the quiet time and conversation.

Hope you all are doing the same…..


Denise said...

Love Katie's blondness! She's a "natural" blond I think. What does her boyfriend think?

Ah the scrapbooking stuff... my girls always want to make crafts but then they OF COURSE need my help when the whole idea of the craft project was to keep them busy, entertained and away from the tv while I try to get something done. Today it was soap making while I wrapped presents. Every 5 minutes "Mom!" "Mom!" For heaven's sake, aren't you 11??? Can't you read??? But the presents got wrapped, the soap got made and the girls have decided to start a soap and lotion making business-- Two Sisters Soaps. Look out Etsy!

Dawn said...

I love the picture of your fireplace! It looks so cozy there!! I bet the girls will love scrapbooking! And Katie is beautiful! That is a great color on her!