Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Season has Arrived....

The blogging has been halted,
I am very sorry to say.
But life has been non-stop
each and every day.

School keeps us hopping
really, truly, honestly!
We're all wrapped up in learning
as we are busy bees.

Little girls visited the dentist
and had a great cleaning.
Now our teeth are beautiful
and positively gleaming!

Mundane and ordinary shopping
finally has been done.
Nothing but the basics,
nothing very fun.

But when we all are home
and see the beautiful lights,
we are thankful for the times
spent together at night.

The stockings are all hung
by the fireplace rather early
so Santa knows to come
or kids might be very surly.

Favorite books are chosen
to be read by dad….
Not the books you likely read
but ones the girls think are rad….:-)

Books given years ago
by dear old Uncle Larry,
before the little ones arrived
to make life so hairy-scary!!

And as I looked under the tree
earlier tonight,
I came across this paper
Which gave me quite a fright....

Nah! It’s actually quite cool,
short and very sweet
Santa please bring me…
something very neat.

We all have ups and downs
With seemingly no reason
But we hope that you remember
The reason for the season.


Denise said...

***me clapping boisterously***

Yeah!!! Another poem!!! They're so cute! You're very good. I wonder, could you be a kindergarten teacher? LOL

I thought Santa's note might have some hard to get toy that you didn't know she wanted. What a good girl to not narrow it down too much!

Margaret Miracle said...

Loving the holiday poems complete with graphics!!! So wonderful! Enjoy!

Carrie said...

I love that-Great job Mom! I hope one day to see our Ann Grace write something that neat!

Kate said...

Very creative. It made me smile and after spending a few hours at my first ever dance recital practice for my 4-year old dancer, I needed something cheery to read.

I fear sometime between now and the 25th that I will find a note from one of the kids to Santa asking for some particular toy he simply will not be able to deliver... a non-specific request is a true blessing!

Isn't this time of year just crazy!?! It is definitely nice to sit with the family by the decorations and talk about the "true reason for the season!"

Have a wonderful day!

day by day said...

You are so funny, Kristin! I love your poems!!!!

Mei Mei Journal said...

Cute post! It has me smiling before my second cup of coffee. Have a great Christmas.

Kim said...

Great poem!