Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Time Line of Life

So, Alex had this project for Gifted Lit that he neglected to mention until last night.....and it's due tomorrow. Such is the story of my life.

Anyhow, he had to create a visual timeline of 8-10 things in his life using color and texture in displaying the information on an 8 foot rope. Uh, okay. At 6:30 tonight, he we got started. Yes, it's been a busy day doing other necessary things. Truly!

The beginning is obviously his birth or babyhood. I pulled out his first shoes to be hung on the rope.

I can't imagine him being that small anymore!! He's 5'10" or taller at this point---surpassed my 5'8"ness a while ago.

Next stop in his life, moving from PA to GA at the age of 3. He hung a snowflake on the rope (fussing the whole time) to signify leaving the snow! Yes, that is a major reason in our move south almost 11 years ago.

Next up, the beginning of soccer....and end of mom's free weekends.

What's next, what's next, you ask? Hmmm. Well, it's a broken arm just before Thanksgiving at the age of 9 or so. Someone thought trying to be a fighter pilot on the swings would be a good thing. Note to readers: it's not a good idea. Please pass that along.

Don't you love how it's saved on a Christmas ornament for posterity?

China. How could we leave that out? He actually wanted to count it twice on his timeline but I wouldn't let him. Talk about an easy way out. So then he wanted to know which child we were leaving out. Oh good grief. So here is his symbol from BOTH China trips...

Whoo Hoo!! The next milestone was a fun one. A trip to Jamaica when Anna Grace was 18 months old. We went to Beaches Boscobel which was a 2 hour bus ride from Montego Bay or a thirty minute plane ride via this lovely piece of equipment.

The flight was actually fine but I detest, hate, can't stand, suffer through flying so it was pure torture for me. The five of us, plus the pilot, in this little plane over the ocean. Not fun. Give me a drink, please. Oh, that's right. There's no flight attendant because the plane is too flipping small.

I may never forget that trip.

Moving on....

The move to our current house almost three years ago. Alex put a sample of our address stamp on the rope. Although you know we live in the Atlanta area, I don't want to post our exact address so all you stalkers out there can't come see me. Now, if you are a blogger who wants to stop by, just email me!! I'd be very happy to meet you!

Just before heading to China in 2006 for Abby, Alex broke his collarbone which is the next thing on his timeline. We were worried about traveling and weren't sure if he'd need surgery once we returned. Thankfully, he turned out just peachy keen.

And finally, we have his time at high school. He decided to post his most recent progress report to signify the change from middle to high school. He currently is sporting all A's----which he did not do in middle school. I hope this trend continues.

So since I'm not sure how all this plays into his Lit class, the whole thing seems rather dumb, yet it was fun to relive some old times. Aren't memories fun??

And as I was taking pictures of the project, Alex said,

"You aren't going to blog about this are you, mom?"

Of course. What a silly question!


Denise said...

Love the trip down memory lane, although the rope seems...weird? Oh well, the teacher was probably trying to be original.

Blogging about a project that was started at 8:30 the night before it was due, involved memories and was about a child-- HELLO! It would be against all the blogging rules NOT to blog about it!

Eileen said...

Don't you love it when kids give you that, "oh yeah, I've got this project....due tomorrow..." thing. We get that all the time. It looks like you, I mean your son, did a great job. Hopefully you get an A!

wingepr said...

There is NO way I could have gotten on that plane. Well maybe if I had alredy had several drinks!

Margaret Miracle said...

Don't they realize yet that it is all blogable!!!! This looks like it was an interesting project!

Carrie said...

That was neat-o!