Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Case of the Missing Toilet Paper

Where oh where is my toilet paper?

I can buy a package

and less than one week later, it’s gone.

I realize I have four kids, six family members, and four bathrooms, but this is crazy.

There must be a mysterious use for toilet paper that I have yet to uncover.

So I went sleuthing today to find clues about where my toilet paper seems to go each day.

Maybe it’s being used as new fashion accessory.

Or, long sleeves for when it gets cold.

Oh, I know. Extra pillows for the couch!

Nah. That’s too simple.

Here’s one I never imagined. Toilet paper as a food source.

Maybe additional tree decorations?


My toilet paper must be somewhere. If you come across it, please let me know.

We will probably need it very soon. I would hate to resort to the alternatives.

Note: No toilet paper was harmed in the creation of this post.


Denise said...

That toilet paper looked harmed to me! Your children are much more creative with toilet paper than mine are. For some reason mine just leave little pieces (unused!) on the bathroom floor. What's up with THAT?

Carrie said...

Thanks for your comment!you crack me up!!! keep up the fuuny stuff it brightens my day!

Mary said...

ROTFLMO! You are TOO funny, lady! And by the way, you need to start purchasing your tee-pee in the jumbo-sized packs from Costco...that little 'ol pack you are buying for a family of six will never cut...errrr...I mean WIPE it!

Kristin said...

Mary, normally I do but I just wasn't up for a trip to BJ's recently.

Even so....where is it all going???

day by day said...

My bathrooms look like Denise's...with the tiny pieces all over the floor. I have no idea what that is all about! Nor do I have any idea as to why my teens are not able to put a new roll on the dispenser...ever??? Whenever I am brave enough to venture into their bathroom...I have to hunt for the roll!

Have a great week!! : )

Lindsey's mom said...

HA HA!! My daughter love to "flush" over and over! To funny and so creative!

art said...

Too funny! My husband always complains about the vanishing toilet paper in our house and there are only three of us who use it!!!

Kim said...

I think it's in my neighbors tree's. My son's Cross Country team thinks it's fun to decorate others houses with it. They even know which store has the best price.

Dawn said...

That is such a cute post!! I love how creative your girls are with the toilet paper!! I hope you had a great weekend!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Very creative least no one used it to TP the house! Luckily my boys haven't discovered TP's many uses (yet).

Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog. I'm really, really new to this so I was so excited to have someone following me.

Thanks and happy holidays!